Two shots. A Kind Of Execution. A witness told reporters the “Berliner morning post” describes what happened a week ago in Berlin-Moabit: The offender approaches his victims from behind on the bike and pulls the trigger from a few yards away, reported the woman. “As the man lay on the floor, he shot a second Time.” The Taken will die at the scene of the crime (the star reported).

The investigating authorities kept information about the alleged perpetrators first, covered. They confirmed, first, the age and the nationality of the arrested Suspect: It was a 49-year-old Russians. Possibly with Links to the Russian secret service, as well, “The mirror” and the investigative power plants, “Bellingcat” and “The Insider” reports.

investigations Enigmatic “execution” of the Georgians: Murder of a secret service on the streets of Berlin? Played by the Russian secret service have a role?

according to The Reports, the suspects could be traveling with a false identity in Germany. According to his visa information, the man is, allegedly, Vadim Andreevich Sokolov, was 49 years old and is in Irkutsk (Sibieien) born. He had given St. Petersburg as his residence – however flawed and incomplete, as the network reported. All doubts as to the information, the research composite, there would be: In the Russian national register, no one under the specified identity was discovered, also in the license tab, there is no matching entry.

the number of The passport of the alleged killer lead, however, to a unit in the Moscow interior Ministry, it says. This have already been issued in the past, documents for the military intelligence service GRU.

The man was on the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, entered Europe. In the Paris Hotel, which had indicated the suspect in his visa application, he had been never seemed to be at least a receptionist wants him to not have seen there.

Shortly after the murder, the mirror Online reported that the assassination attempt might have been meticulously planned. According to the news portal of the alleged perpetrator had made arrangements for a quick exit from the Federal Republic of Germany, and specially dressed before he pulled his Nine-Millimeter gun with a silencer.

On the victim of a murder plot was apparently already committed

the victim is a 40-year-old Georgians, like the Berlin Prosecutor General’s office informed. The people informed the legal organization of EMC with headquarters in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, after the murder, that it was for him to Zelimkhan K., on the at least one assassination attempt in may 2015 perpetrated had been.

according to Reports, K. in the Second Chechen war (1999 to 2009), on the side of the breakaway Caucasus Republic against Russia in a fight. Then he had a Anti-terrorist unit of the Georgian interior belongs to the Ministry, and, among other things, by the participation in a hostage rescue in 2012, with 14 dead enemies in the Islamists circles made.

source: “der Spiegel”, “Spiegel Online”, the “Berliner Morgenpost”,

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