The armchair of Michel Déon is it cursed ? The immortals are not reached, Thursday, November 22, to find a successor to the author of I am writing to you from Italy (Gallimard). The day of voting under the Dome was concluded by election white : none of the two illustrious aspirants has not obtained the majority of votes. Last June, the members were already not able to come to an agreement.

The novelist Pascal Bruckner (The New Disorder in love) garnered 27 votes at the end of the three rounds of the vote, while his competitor Benedict Duteurtre (Travel in France) has picked up 32. Sign that the two applicants do not have consensus on : 13 blank ballots marked with a cross were discovered at the polls in the third and final round. Two pencil strokes that mean that immortals refuse the two candidates in the block.

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June 21, 2018, Jérôme Clément, Frédéric Mitterrand, Bruno Racine and François Taillandier, who aspired to occupy the chair no. 8, vacant since the death of Michel Déon on December 28, 2016, had suffered the same fate. But for the connoisseurs of the temple of French literature, those releases in the series have nothing to alarming. “Several elections were held, and in the course of history. There is even an old tradition, a sort of ritual, ” confided to The Obs in 2013, the academician Jean-Marie Rouart. “The chair remains open “, reassures the Dome on its website. Opinion with the amateurs.

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