It became quiet around the Band, Friska Viljor. From private reasons, the Indie-Rocker to Joakim Sveningsson had inserted a two-year break. Now the Swedes reported back to the tour kick-off in Hamburg impressively, with probably the most emotional concert of their career on the stage, tears flowed.

“The last two years of my life were the worst I have ever experienced”, had Sveningsson said in September, when the Band were at the Reeperbahn Festival an Undercover gig. As a “Shotgun Sisters” were you in Hamburg then on the stage – all to creative the Pseudonym was not chosen, once, finally, the biggest Hit of the Swedes “Shotgun Sister”.

With ruthless honesty reported Sveningsson on the stage – and later in selected Interviews from his life crisis after his wife had left him. He tried to drown the grief in alcohol, his life seemed to slip away from him at times. His Band, he wanted to dissolve, but be in addition to husband, Daniel Johansson, was able to convince him of the contrary: “the music no longer mattered. I would have dissolved the Band the most. Fortunately, convinced Daniel for me to put just a year on ice. Because my relationship was broken, I wanted to, that everything else is also broken,” he said last week in an Interview with the “Hamburger Morgenpost”.

The new Album is called “Broken”

Sveningssons Lovesickness is hard to miss on the new record, which appeared on Friday, and, appropriately, “Broken” means. Throughout the Album about his separation with all its consequences. The longer the washer lasts, the more will he find the Faith in love again – it’s the thought most of the Album in the band’s history, which fits only partly to the Good-mood-Indie-Pop-Rock Mix, for Friska Viljor are actually known. “I hope you will listen to the songs yet – as friends,” said the lead singer on Monday night, almost apologetic on stage.

A little defiantly, the Swedes began their Tour at the Club “Uebel & Gefährlich”, sang “Unless You Love me” with the lines “I am not in love with you / if you are not in love with me / so I want to break up” (in English: I don’t love you if you love me, so I would like to disconnect me). But then it was emotionally. After about 40 minutes Sveningsson lost twice to the thread, hit the guitar the wrong tones, apologized to the audience. Then he spoke on stage about the pain: “I see my children only every other week. And every Time you are there, it is clear to me that I would like to see you more often.” The singer was in tears, he turned away from the audience.

The audience is silent – and then donates then applause

In that Moment, it was Johansson, who took him in the Arm, and the audience, finding the singer. The spectators in the completely sold-out Club responded perfectly, by giving the 41-Year-old a few seconds of time. For a Moment, an almost eerie silence spread in the hall, before the audience gave him a warm, encouraging applause, what is needed Sveningsson in this Moment. “I knew it would be difficult for these songs to be here today to sing,” he said – and was caught again.

for A whole hour, Friska Viljor were then on the stage and celebrated the night with their Fans in a frenzy at the end. For the lead singer, it was another step in the direction of normality, now touring with the Band through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As the concert was coming to an end, to the five men on the stage in the arms were, as could be seen in Sveningssons face that he is happy to be back on the stage. Which is why he finished the performance, as he finished almost all his concerts With the biggest Hit, “Shotgun Sister”. And on this night, somehow melancholic-strange-sounding last line, “That we are happy now …”.

sources: “music Express” / “Hamburger Morgenpost”


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