At 23.46 hrs on the Sunday evening it was time. The jungle camp presenters Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich deliver in the Live broadcast of the “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here” the message is, who needs to leave as a third of the Show. “Take off must: Tommi,” said Zietlow. The 77-Year-old takes up the message. “Is everything fine”, he said relaxed, “I’m satisfied and am glad that I have no rice to eat more beans.”

half An hour after the end of the Show, Piper is ready for his first Interview. For the Show “I’m a Star am – the hour after that,” the choice of Munich into the jungle camp-tree house and answered the questions of RTL presenter Susanna Ohlen, addressing him directly to his expulsion. “What’s the point?”, want to know Ohlen of Piper. His answer is a very idiosyncratic evaluation.

jungle camp, 2019 #MeToo in the Camp? Tommi and is worse than any jungle test Old viewers to blame

are dredged “To the viewers. It is chosen by the audience out. I’m now in a more settled age, and go to bed early,” says Piper. He seems to be of the firm Conviction that its out choice relationships just so that the older viewers would not have watched up to 23 watch television and, therefore, not for him to call. Of self-criticism – such as his slippery compliments for Doreen Dietel (“you are not wearing a bra”) or his or her males dealing with Sibylle Rauch – don’t need to track.

Tommi Piper: “I’m not sad,”

Sad he was about his job. “I’m not sad, I’m going to keep doing my Job: dubbing, audiobooks, and radio plays, what remains for us older actor left,” says Piper, who was as the voice of Alf known and is now 77 years old.

According to his excerpt from the jungle camp, he de Cicco and Sibylle Rauch, according to Domenico, the third candidate, had to take off – he wishes the first “a Cup of Cappuccino”. He had greatly missed.



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