Front wife the Civil war: the best-known cases

History 01/03/20 Front wife the Civil war: the most famous cases

the October revolution and the Civil war destroyed the traditional foundations of the Russian Patriarchal family. Spread not married marriages, cohabitation. Women were the most unprotected of the population. Yielding to the agitation and the idea of gender equality or eager to serve their homeland they went to war and were often the victims of violence. To escape from him was possible only with the protection of a strong man, commander. But there were those who followed the beloved of our hearts, wanting to share with him all the hardships of the front.

Anna timireva

the Most famous “front wife” have been white Anna V. timireva, the mistress of Admiral Alexander Vasilyevich Koluchka. Their affair began before the revolution, in 1915, when they met in Helsingfors (Helsinki), both were already married.

During the Civil they met in Beijing, where Kolchak came from America at the invitation of the Consul. Passion broke out with renewed vigor, and Anna left her husband and son and went for Kolchak in Omsk.

Family life they had. Kolchak was scrupulous in matters of honor and relations tried not to advertise.

timireva worked as a translator at the Council of Ministers, and then sewed linen and worked in the hospital – was on distributing food. When the White army began to retreat to the East, timireva went with Kolchak, but when he was arrested, followed him to prison.

After the Bolsheviks shot the Supreme ruler of Timerevo was released, but was soon arrested again and sentenced to exile. In total, for the love of the Admiral in prisons and in exile she spent more than 20 years. From the documentary “More than love” directed by Sergei Alexandrovich of Urgence known that the last years of her life she spent in Moscow and worked in the movie.

Olga Yakimenko

Another famous “front wife” became the mistress of General Andrei Stepanovich Bakich. Legal the General’s wife was waiting for him in Omsk, and then in the far East in Nikolsk-Ussuriisk.

an affair with a dentist Olga Feodorovna Yakimenko twirled in bakica, when he fought with the Czechs on the Volga river. Yakimenko served in Syzran garrison, and later in the second Syzran infantry division. About their relationship during that period is little known, but Yakimenko was transferred after her lover, until she was with him in the stony desert of Mongolia, where disarmed the whites did not let the Chinese.

From hunger, cold and unbearable living conditions Yakimenko became crazy, there was hallucinations.

Historian Andrei Vladislavovich Ganin in the book “Montenegrin in Russian service” writes that in July 9, 1920, returned to the camp Bakich caught Yakimenko in frustration she had with the officers due to the fact that she was not given the carriage, and a cart to drive to a nearby regiment of tailors. The woman complained Bakica that the officers don’t listen to her, to which he replied that they are not obligated to do so. Tailors on the carriage, served in the regiment, but the quarrel continued. Yakimenko freaked out when I saw that he shares his milk with the chief of staff General Smolinym, whose wife spoke badly about the Bakic. The General stepped out of the tent, not to quarrel, but then heard a cry of “farewell!” and shot. Running into the tent, he saw shot dead Yakimenko. Bakich he grabbed the weapon, but the officers seized the gun and took him.

Nina Nechvolodova

Some Bush wives all became legal. Nina Nechvolodova went to the front voluntarily young girl. By the time the Brusilov breakthrough she already had two crosses of St. George. After the revolution she found herself in the South of Russia, fought under the command of General Slaschova, led soldiers to attack, and was characterized by courage.

in Order not to attract attention, she dressed like a man, had his hair cut short. Her behavior with the colleagues was called “flawless”. To keep her Defisalo and the fact that she was the niece of Lieutenant General Plato Platonovich Nechvolodova. In 1920, the year she became orderly Slamova, fell in love with this brave man and became his mistress, and then wife.

General Lashovim Nina followed in Gallipoli and then returned with her husband in the USSR. By this time, the couple already had a daughter. The further fate of Nechvolodova unknown. Slashchev was killed in 1929 in his apartment, and Nina with her daughter disappeared. Perhaps the woman had the sense to change his name to survive, but maybe she disappeared in the dungeons of the OGPU.

Frum Chaikin

a Desperate woman Frum the Soviet secret chaikinoi also managed to marry a red commander Nikolay Aleksandrovich Shchors. The famous “Haya in leather pants” joined the revolution in 1917 and winter of 1918 she appeared in the town of Unecha in Bryansk under the head of the detachment of the Kazakhs and the Chinese. It was punitive, which included the massacre of “counter-revolutionary element”.

“Hai in leather pants” characterized by brutality and cold-blooded, and often carry a revolver to fight with fists, women or teenagers. They called her a beast and a mad dog. Was the “Hai in my pants” at the time 21 years.

She headed the local KGB and became a member of the revolutionary Committee Unechskaya. Shot without trial, the sole sentencing.

in the Spring of 1918 in Unecha appeared the commander of the red partisans Nikolay Shchors. Feelings flared up instantly. The relationship was formalized in late autumn 1918, after which the wife of the commander headed the service of the KGB in the squad Shchorsa.

Happiness was short-lived – August 30, 1919 Shchors was killed and froome, which by this time, many hated, moved from Bryansk to Samara for a long time played the role of grieving widow, preparing the memoirs of her husband, then counseling writers and filmmakers. She died in 1977.

Matrona Kulinicheva

this woman’s Fate was to illustrate the fate of other women who wanted to be shoulder to shoulder with men but I found myself in the position of concubines.

How to write with “the Revolution and the civil war through the eyes and in the lives of women” historians Tatiana I. Troshina, Olga Mikhailovna Morozova, during the First World war, the girl received the profession of a paramedic when Laba military hospital, was the company medic, was of the order of St. George IV class.

In 1918, she served in white in October under the Holy Cross was captured by red in the 4th squadron commander Kochergina, where she was raped by each of the soldiers, after which she became the “wife” of the commander. The girl traveled everywhere with him, not taking the medical work, and after the death of the commander, his friends immediately remembered her “work” on the Cossacks and accused of counter-revolution. Her fate is unknown.

Miss Robert

the True name of this young native of St. Petersburg is unknown. She was a volunteer and camp wife of a red commander – comrade Moravian. She became well-known not only by faith but also by the ease with which they changed beliefs.

in the Autumn of 1918 during the fighting on the Northern Dvina and white captured the field hospital of red. Together with the wounded, surrendered and “lady Robert”, who persuaded white to shoot the wounded and leave her to care for them.

After the Moravian died, the girl could not resist the charms of the handsome officer, and soon with airplane white already scattered leaflets with her signature. In the leaflets it called red go to white, and yesterday colleagues were able to observe through binoculars, as she’s walking along the line of trenches. What happened with the “lady” is unknown, but hardly something good. Civil war plowed across the country and women, which often turned his revenge then white, then red, on their shoulders feel the inhumanity and cruelty of civil war.

Maya Novik

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