History 29/02/20 “General without honor”: how Maurice Janin betrayed Kolchak

“General without honor”, “white Judas” — these and similar nicknames got French General Maurice Janin, sent in December 1919 to support the troops of the invaders and defeated the army of General Kolchak. He is accused of betrayal denied, turning in their journals the attention to the fact that in fact he was appointed Commander of the Russian-allied forces, but was actually held hostage is not viable in practice, decisions and orders of Kolchak, which subsequently led to the tragedy.

moreover, after the arrest of Kolchak and Janin, upon returning home, in France he was nominated for the award, the Legion of honor (1920 – However, in the eyes of white officers and some of its allies, as well as personally Kolchak actions Janin has been interpreted exclusively as a betrayal.

before the civil war, the French General was seconded to the Russian Academy of the General staff, he learned very well to understand and speak and write in Russian. During the First world war he commanded a regiment, and subsequently was sent to Mogilev in our Rate. Realizing the intentions of France to restore the Russian-German front in 1918, with the support of the white movement, Janin was sent to Siberia in order to become the commander of the troops that were part of the Serbs, Romanians, poles, Czechs, whites, and Russian prisoners of war, and (planned) French, British, Japanese and Americans who were supposed to join the course at a later date.

But the war ended, Germany surrendered, the need for the establishment of the front has disappeared. And besides, the Kolchak opposed the transfer of command of the Russian troops to the alien. In fact, Janin was a nominal commander, who did not want to obey the troops. An eyewitness sobiti, Lieutenant-General of Filatiev in their studies and essays, written later in emigration in France “the Disaster of the White movement in Siberia 1918-1922.” wrote that the defeat of Kolchak’s army could have been avoided, if Kolchak was handed over power by all the rules Janene, if “…the idea of a great power does not interfere with the Kolchak to see things in this light…”

With such milopotamou role, the Frenchman would not tolerate and began to speak sharply hostile attitude personally Kolchak and the white movement as a whole. So, in late 1919, he openly supported the organized “Political center” rebellion against Kolchak in Irkutsk, and then actually sanctioned his extradition to the socialist-revolutionaries of the “Political center”.

In the book “round about Kolchak: documents and materials” explains that in doing so, Janin claimed that he had no choice because it was a situation of dual subordination and a number of military, in particular, the Czechoslovak Legion, showed insubordination and called for open rebellion. It is worth noting that even foresaw trouble Kolchak (he’s not just talking about this in the road) until the last could not believe that such low betrayal was too strong a faith in human nobility. And only when the assistant commandant of the Czech train came into the car and said that Kolchak issued Irkutsk authorities, he exclaimed: “So, the allies betray me!” What would have ended the confrontation between the white and red movements, don’t be such shameful pages, unknown.

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