How’s the house Lannister? What would drinking the Targaryens? And it goes on the night rough to watch culinary? Who has asked these questions, get out a response. Or better: Seven possible answers. Because at the Start of the final season of the American series “Game of Thrones” brings the spirits manufacturer Diageo is a Whisky-Edition on the market, which are based on the seven of Westeros: To each Kingdom to give it it’s own Brand. The drinks group, whose Portfolio includes numerous Whisky Distilleries, has filled seven Scottish Single Malts in a special bottle and labelled.

the rough world is represented by Westeros by Scottish whiskies, is only logical: The landscape and castles the Fantasy world is highly reminiscent of the in the North of the UK Region. Even if there is not rotated: What looks in the series, such as Scotland, emerged in Northern Ireland, or Iceland. Irish whiskies are generally much milder than Scotland – that is why the harsh reality of the seven kingdoms in terms of taste better represent.

The whiskies are from the middle of February available

The house Tully is represented by a Singleton of Glendullan Select. A Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost, stands for the house. In the case of dragon Queen Daenerys Targaryen a Cardhu Gold Reserve is on the table, a nine-year-old Lagavulin represents the house of Lannister. The Greyjoys süppeln a Talisker Select Reserve. The house of Baratheon with twelve-year-old Royal Lochnagar warm, the Tyrells drink finally Clynelish Reserve.

For this Edition, there is even a Trailer that is reminiscent of the opening credits of “Game of Thrones”: Instead of Westeros, here in Scotland, you can see, the camera moves to the map and shows the various houses – in this case, the distilleries in Scotland.

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Each bottle of a private label, on which the coat-of-arms of the corresponding Royal house of is printed. There is still an eighth of whiskey: The night’s watch is represented by a Oban Bay Reserve, and the label is black as night.

Johnny for the White Walker

And then there’s the White Walker, the White walkers are there, Yes. The beyond the great wall living beings, however, is a privilege not a Single Malt, you need to Malt a Blended Johnny Walker content, the with under 30 Euro price is cheaper, therefore, than the rest of the whiskies, the range between 40 and 75 Euro. Prices above the normal market value of Single malt whiskies of this quality. An ordinary Cardhu Gold Reserve is for less than 30 Euro available in the limited “Game of Thrones”Edition of the bottle went for about 50 Euro on the table.

Thus, in the connoisseur, to be clear, the person to whom the offer is directed: first and foremost, to Fans of “Game of Thrones” – and only in second line to “Malt Heads”, so the die hard whiskey.


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