to eat vegan, and today is something quite Normal. Early Vegans were derided as tree-huggers and Alternative, now committed to a whole industry of the vegan diet. From the Hype about a Trend to a Lifestyle – Vegans see their life style actually prefer. And the motives are very diverse: Many refrain from moral and ethical reasons, the meat and animal product enjoyment, others for health.

no meat, no milk, no fish, one Must feed his children vegan? By Denise Snieguole Wachter

The German nutrition society (DGE) warns, however, to feed children vegan “A vegan diet holds the DGE in the entire child age-inappropriate.” They fear the risk of a nutrient deficiency, especially for infants and children, and there was an insufficient supply with energy, Protein, iron, Calcium, Iodine, zinc, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. The list is long and also the one of the irreversible disorders, malnutrition: disorders of blood formation, growth delay, and neurological disorders.

The child’s doctor Stefan Eber is now going even a step further: Who’s pregnant and is vegan and lives, should urgently change his eating habits. “In the babies of vegan mothers, we see again and again, slight impairment of brain function, but in rare cases, very serious damage,” says the pediatrician at the women’s medical education Congress FOKO in Düsseldorf, Germany.

child threatens the life long intellectual disability Italian politician calls for parents who feed their children vegan, you need to be punished

The unborn Baby is Vitamin B12 need, so that the brain can be properly developed and grow. This is, in turn, almost exclusively in meat and dairy products, in vegetable foods, however, only in traces. Too little for the high demand of the embryo. “If the brain of the newborn is affected by the vitamin deficiency in pregnancy, then we can eliminate kids doctors themselves with high vitamin gave the damage completely. In individual cases, a life-long intellectual disability threatens the child. I have already experienced that such a child is permanently dependent on outside help,“ stressed boars.

The expert advises vegan women living with children, at an early stage your doctor to address, and to arrange for a blood test for Vitamin B12. Just as a lack of Vitamin D, Iodine, iron, docosahexaenoic acid, folic acid and zinc. In the case of a nutrient deficiency, you should compensate prior to pregnancy in high doses, for example, with the preparations and, if possible, until the end of the lactation.

risks of a vegan diet in pregnancy

“But,” said the pediatrician, “should be every vegan Pregnant aware that your diet carries risks for the Well-being of the child, which are often underestimated. If the woman does not want to deviate from it despite the risk to your Baby, should be prevented already decided before the pregnancy of a shortage situation for your Baby and a sufficiently high supply of Vitamin B12, all the trace elements, essential fatty acids, and proteins throughout pregnancy and lactation.”

The child’s doctor does not recommend to feed as much as possible from the beginning of the family planning vegan, but eating at least eggs, milk products and regular fish. And to develop not only for the mother but also the child himself should get to the weaning of dairy products, eggs, meat and fish to be healthy.

sources: “DGE”, “professional Association of women doctors e. V.”


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