Glass carafes are all the rage, as a glance at Instagram & co. proves. No wonder, then, finally, drinks such as water, juices or wine can be beautifully present and the glass is always replenished quickly.

glass decanters cleaning: lime and dirt deposits are difficult to reach

However, according to the drinking pleasure beckons, the dishwashing, and the carafes in glass. Lime deposits and contamination, in fact, persistent in the drinking vessels. Because of their narrow neck and the long Form, you can clean the glass carafes.

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Two home remedies can help, glass carafes to get clean again

zuärgern But instead of dealing with bulky washing up Brushes. the promise of two tried-and-true home remedies quick success in cleaning: vinegar and bicarbonate of soda or baking powder Pour a half a Cup of Apple cider vinegar and a packet of baking powder or soda in the glass carafe. A little hot water pan for about 15-20 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse the glass carafe with fresh, cold water and the glass emits carafe again in new splendor!

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