With its deserts, coasts, and the more than seven million square kilometers, has Australia the perfect base to renewable energy sources such as solar plants or wind power plants to expand. A study by the Australian National University (ANU) aims to illustrate this potential well. According to the authors, the country could achieve the objectives of the Paris climate protection agreement in 2025 (ANU: Blakers et al., 2019).

Australia is thus in the Expansion of renewable energies in the Per capita comparison to other countries such as China or the United States. Thus, the local wind power plants and solar power plants per Person produce about 250 watts in a year. In the USA, there are under 50.

according to The study, is Australia in the year 2024, about 50 percent of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources. In 2032, the authors go even 100 percent.

The climate agreement of Paris has decided to the world community in 2016, to limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared with the preindustrial period of 1850. Each country should make its contribution to the global CO2 limit.

Australia Australia: Land of coal

The Economy of the country with its 23 million inhabitants, has developed in the last years robust. So, the gross domestic product grew most recently by about three percent. The inflation rate is two, the unemployment rate of just six percent. Although Australia has a large services sector, a play on agriculture and mining for the country’s economy a significant role. Among the most important exported goods, iron ore and Gold, but also Oil and natural gas. In the case of coal, Australia is even as the largest exporter in the world.


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