In the past year have been infected in the European region of the world health organization (WHO), as many people with measles, as the last ten years ago. In comparison to the previous year, the number of measles infections rose in the year 2018 to the three-fold – to nearly 82.600 cases. The the WHO Europe office announced in Copenhagen. Compared with the values from the year 2016, as the number of measles cases had dropped to a record low, even ill 15 times as many people.

The WHO region of the Europe, 53 countries, including the countries of the EU, but also Turkey, Israel, the Ukraine, the countries on the Balkan Peninsula, Russia, Belarus, and several States in the Caucasus region and Central Asian countries. Within this Region, 2018 had died and 72 people on measles.

most of The measles cases had been registered in Ukraine – there have been infected in the past year, more than 53,000 people. More than 5,000 cases were reported according to WHO data, in Serbia, more than 2,000 cases were recorded in France, Russia, Italy, Georgia and Greece.

In Germany, the Figures show a positive development: After about 900 measles cases in 2017, 2018, only about 500 cases were reported.

What are the measles? Measles

measles include diseases to the virus. The pathogen is extremely sensitive to heat, light, and disinfectants. Is transferred to it by droplets – so when in contact with Infected. It is usually sufficient, in a room with a man to stop carrying the highly contagious Virus.

especially in developing countries, measles continues to be a large Problem. In Germany, the number of outbreaks has decreased significantly. Since the seventies there is a cheap and efficient vaccine against the pathogen. But it gets repeated to regional epidemics. Not eradicated the measles in spite of the efforts of the health authorities.


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