The Federal government plans, according to a report, to extend the authorization of 100 pesticides without the announced examination. The response to a small request of the Greens, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported. “Probably”, 100 products are to be allowed to remain, therefore, with an exemption on the market.

these products will give in the first half of 2019 no decision in the investigation, “so that the previous authorisation would have to be extended,” said the state Ministry of economic Affairs.

According to the Ministry of 121 application procedures for the renewal of pesticides. Already in December, had been extended in a similar manner, the approvals of 106 glyphosate-containing products a year.

glyphosate – Background: glyphosate

was First synthesized glyphosate in 1950. Since the seventies, the substance is used in agriculture. As an essential ingredient of plant protection product Roundup of the group’s Monsanto, it kills weeds in fields with oilseed rape, Maize and other crops.

Up to today, glyphosate is by far the most widely used pesticide. Its use has doubled in the past ten years, such as the study of a pesticide researcher shows (Benbrook et al., 2016). In Germany, farmers buy every year, around 5,000 tonnes of glyphosate-plant protection products – the proportion of the active ingredient at all-selling herbicides, is a good third.

First of all, the chemical was used before sowing, in order to rid Fields of weeds. However, since there are genetically modified plants that are glyphosate-resistant, it can also be used after sowing.

All articles on the topic of glyphosate, there is the TIME-ONLINE-page themes.


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