Graffiti in honor of Kobe Bryant appear all over the world

Graffiti in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughters appear around the world.

worldwide graffiti in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughters.

Street artists have already done them in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Venezuela and the Philippines. Figure fans leave flowers, candles and memorabilia of the basketball team “Los Angeles Lakers”, for which the player played for 20 years.

the Legendary player, “Lakers” Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter Giannou the evening of January 26. The helicopter, which was athletic and 8 people, crashed into a hill. In the crash, none of the passengers survived.

According to preliminary information, the cause of the helicopter crash Kobe Bryant could become a dense fog. According to the representative of the police Department of Los Angeles, Josh Rubenstein weather situation in the fateful day was not fit for flying.

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