Stephen Baldwin during an appearance in New York

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Stephen Baldwin (52) hopes, apparently, soon to be a grandpa. The actor has spoken with the US celebrity portal “TMZ” about his son-in-law, Justin Bieber (24, “Purpose”) and tell you that this dream of “his own family”. The husband of his daughter, Hailey (22) seems to inspire him otherwise.

“He knows what he wants, and he’s taken care of now, and he followed the Vision, and his dreams of a family,” said Stephen Baldwin about Bieber. It offers more very about the actor, his son-in-law had given his whole career and everything, now he’ll take the time for yourself.

Two “big kids”

Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were married in September, is secretly in Manhattan, confirmed the but it was only in November. At the moment, they are planning a big wedding celebration. “It takes a lot of time to coordinate what they are doing,” Stephen Baldwin: “I’m not sure where all this will lead, but everything is nice.” Bieber and his daughter wanted to have at the Moment, “just something really Special, Beautiful and Spiritual, and they will take as much time as you need to organize it the way you want it, and imagine”.

Stephen Baldwin and the pop star seem to have a lot of fun with each other: they are quite similar, so the 52-Year-old. “The Coolest thing about Justin is to me,” he added, “that he has such a big heart. He loves the people.” Just like he, himself, Bieber refuses to grow up and be like a “big kid”. In addition, the singer is important to make a difference, to touch the lives of others.



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