Legally insured is sick should not have to months for doctor’s appointments wait. The Federal Council has approved the so-called appointment service law: Doctors must offer expected to be from may, a minimum of 25 office hours per week instead of 20; specialist physicians such as eye-, women -, or ENT Doctors to offer per week, five open office hours for patients without an appointment. In return, the Doctors receive higher salaries.

If a doctor gives his patient an urgent specialist appointment, he gets to it in the future, a subsidy of at least ten Euro. The treating specialist shall receive remuneration outside his budget. The same is true for services that are provided in the open office hour times. Doctors who are in the country, will also get supplements – as an incentive to achieve long-term better care.

critic: Doctors at the Limit,

the mediation by a date of service, the physicians receive a per waiting times are staggered surcharge. The date of service of the associations of statutory health bodies have existed since 2016. They are supposed to be from 2024 for emergencies around the clock and on the Internet and by phone on the number 116117.

critics fear that the law is not sufficient to ensure a quicker doctor’s appointments. Most of the Doctors worked more than the future, the applicable minimum provided for, it was said of both professional associations as well as from the Opposition. The health insurance companies expect due to higher compensation for Doctors significant improvements in the waiting times.

in addition to the date of the award governs the law of many other things: for example, the German health care system is supposed to be about digital. The health insurance funds are obliged, for their Insured up to at the latest 2024 electronic medical records. The grants for dental are increased. In addition, the funds take on in the future, the cost of the so-called cryopreservation. For example, cancer patients it should be possible to have ova or semen in the event of imminent infertility freezing.


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