The International monetary Fund (IMF) would like to go when it comes to climate protection, to set a good example and not a disposable plastic use. So far, the canteens of the international monetary Fund – in a typically American way – full of disposable dishes and Cutlery. This should soon be the end: “We have decided to use disposable plastic to banish, within our Institution,” said IMF Boss Christine Lagarde at the IMF spring meeting in Washington. In addition, we recycle more than 67 percent of the garbage. “And we continue to do so until we are at 100 percent.”

climate change and environmental protection, a take on the meeting a relatively large space. The realization that natural disasters inhibit as a result of climate change hit the Poorest and, thus, economic developments, economists at people for a long time. Lagarde discussed the issue with the British nature and wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough. The nature is so corrupt that you need the maximum protection that said this. Sometimes the governments are also meant to make painful decisions, the money cost.

For example, could be used for subsidies for the production of fuel from fossil energy to abolish-makers, Attenborough – a claim that is also supported by the IMF. “For various reasons, we believe that the waiver of subsidies for fossil energy carriers the right way, you should go,” said Lagarde. 2015 Oil, Gas and coal, had been with 5.2 trillion dollars in subsidized. Money can also be used in education or health would have invested.

the world Bank Also pursues similar goals. Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said: “I wish by all governments to provide carbon with a price and with a high.” The Economist was against the appointment of David Malpass as the interim President of the world Bank.

just like the IMF, you would like to reduce the use of plastic. “Don’t use it then it will not be produced. Used it again, if you’ve purchased it already. Recycled it. And now the most important message: to Reconsider it,” she said.


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