The regular consumption of alcohol by young people is at historically low levels. 8.7 per cent of young people between 12 and 17 years of age drink at least once a week alcohol – in 2004, the figure was 21.2 percent, as the drug of the Federal government, Marlene Mortler (CSU) officers announced at the launch of the so-called alcohol surveys in 2018. 38.1 per cent of young people have been drinking, therefore, never alcohol.

focal points, drug users, members of emergency drugs: help in case of emergency

In the case of acute emergencies and life-threatening symptoms such as unconsciousness or seizures, the emergency number 112 should be selected.

free telephone emergency counselling for acute and chronic poisoning, for example, due to an Overdose, afford in addition, the Poison centres. In case of doubt, the ambulance service is 112 here, too, is the right choice. In the control room, it is decided whether an ambulance must be sent.


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