in the Evening in Graz, after visiting him in the lab, I’ll go with Frank Madeo food, Italian. Madeo ordered an Antipasti plate and Ravioli. When the food comes, his mood abruptly and there is a lively conversation in a great mood develops.

Dear Mr. Madeo, it’s seven o’clock in the evening, as it tastes the first bite of the day?

(laughs) Fantastico! If you eat after fasting, you will have a strong serotonin payout, the Whole thing seems so anti-depressed. Strictly speaking, however, this was not my first bite.

Oh? What have you treated yourself to today?

I start every day with freshly ground coffee, a shot of almond milk. I don’t eat any more, three, and four nuts.

Sounds like a rather light Breakfast.

Interview diet Healthy and slim by using of the intestinal flora: “We should eat like a gardener”

It doesn’t matter to me that I get to know this healing process of Autophagy, which starts after a night out, too much in the way of that. As we have discovered, it stimulates of coffee the self-cleaning process of the body’s cells, and very strong. Cow’s milk, I replace with almond milk, because cow’s milk drink is a Growth and a strong inhibitor of Autophagy. The few fat-rich nuts are likely to be of little weight. When fasting the body switches from a sugar to a fat burning mode. The body runs already on fat. You stay in the fast metabolism.

After this “Breakfast” but it is there for you until the evening, nothing more.

In General, Yes. I don’t do this to a 7 or 8 out of 10 days, but am dogmatic. Sometimes, when I am traveling and in a Hotel stay, it can happen, that I surrender in front of the Breakfast buffet. It is the Daily what kills you, not the Occasional.


After hours of fasting, the food tastes all the more better


Why do the fast days at all?

If you look in our own laboratory, as well, the fasting will do the most diverse organisms, from flying over mice to people, then you might wonder: Why don’t you do it yourself? Old fly that fast, are fitter, you have more muscles, less fat, a better memory and live longer.

This fly fast similar to you?

they fast for twelve hours a day, us people that would be transferred, probably 20 to 30 hours, because flies have a faster metabolism, you live, in a sense, faster.

so you should eat a large dish of the day. How are you holding up?

It is amazingly easy, even after a week, you’re so accustomed to that you don’t want to have no Breakfast. It is motivating, because you’re sharper in the mind, can concentrate better, have fewer infections.

there Are for these effects, a statement?

self-test Eight weeks sugar free: Can work a life without sugar, really? By Alexandra power

with the withdrawal of food is mentioned, is activated self-cleaning process of the body. Our cells begin their own scrap to clean up, protein accumulation, defective cell components. This molecular trash accumulates in old age, and, for example, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. In the case of an energy deficit in the cell breaks down the waste in your “stomach”, it is digested and recycled him. The increased concentration is likely due to evolutionary biology: If You starve a day or two, then the man says in you: listen, you Loser, you’ve shot for two days, no Wild more, listen better be good, otherwise you’re soon away from the window!

Cool. How long do you have to fasting, in order to enjoy these advantages?

After 15 to 20 hours, the process of Autophagy is in full swing, we have measured. Whether the cells are then cleaned up completely is another question. May well be that you need longer fasting. We don’t know it.

pay Attention beyond this daily for almost periods yet, what are you eating?

I’m South Italian, gourmet, I eat what I want. I keep an eye on a few things: nuts are sacred to me, you are associated with life extension. Nuts I eat every day, pistachio, Macadamia, Brazil nuts. In addition, I’m trying, a good Portion of vegetables off, fried eggplant, peppers, broccoli. I eat the fibrous Stalks, the other to throw away, for example, in the case of fennel or celery. Everything is “woodsy”. This is the perfect food for my gut bacteria. The Genius of this is that Those intestinal bacteria that are on this feed, reproduce, and send signals to the brain that make you want to eat more of it. What we don’t like in the beginning, tastes in this way is always better.

Wow, you can reprogram the own intestinal flora?

that’s the way it is. The same applies Vice versa for Unhealthy, so if you eat a lot of sugar and you mushrooms high growing, the want more and more sugar.

What do you eat?

of Course, food with a lot of Spermidine. This also stimulates the cellular clean-up program. Wheat germ, ripened cheese, mushrooms. Then a lot of cold-pressed olive oil, because of the unsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. a Lot of tomato sauce. Sometimes fish, sometimes meat. A bug in the System me: I’m still eating too many sweets. The are, unfortunately, just bad. Dark chocolate is great, especially for memory.

Occasionally, fish, occasionally meat: fish the much healthier option?

But. The consumption of meat, but not fish consumption is brought up in many studies, with cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Why this is so, is not yet precisely known, however, we know that meat-eaters is more and other amino acids (the building blocks of the protein, Anm. d. Red.) in the blood than fish-eaters. This could be suffering a reason for the increased appearance of age.

Still, they eat meat.

You should minimize the consumption of meat, not eliminate. There are thousands of substances in the flesh, we do not know, and we are meat-eaters evolved. Once a week meat seems to me to be a good rule of thumb. I mean here, however, a good, unprocessed meat, not sausage and not meat from intensive mass animal farming. For the connection between meat consumption with diseases, the sausage is mainly responsible. By the way, especially children and the elderly uses a regular consumption of meat, possibly even more than once per week.

For KIndians apply different rules?

kids should eat everything, and what relates to natural foods as much as you want. Only in the case of sugar and Junk food, I would occasionally occur on the brakes. I think it’s dangerous, with any dogmas to the children to experiment. For example, there are studies that show that meat in the diet can provide children with a physical and mental development advantage. Finally, the Childhood and youth are the time when eating disorders are created. So, let the little children alone! Of course you should not get used to the idea that a vegetable is toxic …

And the elderly?

Older people eventually suffer from muscle atrophy, and can be countered with a meat-rich diet.

Mr. Madeo, the recommendation of my grandmother, to drink in the case of infections Zwiebelsud?

Oh Yes, onions and garlic can even protect mice against infectious diseases. Studies in humans show that garlic lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and the risk of developing lung cancer is halved. Onion lower the sugar level of the blood, have positive metabolic effects.

Okay, one last Anti-Aging-tip.

Once a day Hunger is a good thing to feel, in the spirit of Autophagy: Welcome Hunger as a friend, then your body is cleaned up.

expert Interview

Frank Madeo is a biochemist and works at the Institute for Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz. Known worldwide, he was Spermidine, through his research, a substance that triggers almost processes in the body and thereby rejuvenating effect. On his Facebook page, “Madeo/nutrition and health”, he scientifically proven tips to a healthy life.

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