what is our future? This is a question that the youth is driving on the road. For the star-an interview with economic Minister, Peter Altmaier, it was so close, to reinforce the issue-Team up with a Teenager, the 17-year-old Isabella Stechel-Marceddu, the student speaker from Hagen in lower Saxony.

Mr Altmaier, you talk like many other politicians, also in connection with artificial intelligence and the digitization of the “disruptive developments”. You mean: It’s not a stone remains on the other?

Yes, so it will be. The next stage of artificial intelligence will change everything, from medicine to transport. For centuries, a successful technology has been replaced by another. The sailing vessel by the Steamship, the slide rule by the Computer.

The Carriage, by means of the self-driving car.

The big difference is: in the past, the carriage manufacturer went Bankrupt, and two streets away is a car factory. The great danger today is that jobs in certain countries disappear, new Jobs are created in other countries.

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser understands that each of the third, is lost if every second Job by the digital Revolution. And you say: don’t panic?

Yes, many of the Jobs that we take for granted, no longer will there be in the future, but it’s at least as many new Jobs will be created. VW, for example, as many staff as 30 years ago, there are only a few on the Assembly line. I also think that full employment in Germany is achievable – but only if the new Jobs of the robotics and the platforms.

Many people are afraid of the consequences of digitisation. It also leads to dehumanization. Would you like to have in 20 years of a nursing robot a back massage?

I am glad, because he can get me a beer from the fridge (smiles). Seriously: If we are in the digital Revolution that is successful, we can afford to be even more human caregivers, and will pay than it is today. The new jobs that replace the absence of old Jobs. Care robots will be in addition to conventional care, and you will help many people to live to old age in their own home.


In the depths of space: Altmaier, 60, according to the stern Interview in his office in the Ministry of economy

©Philipp Spalek/star

There are people who have no desire to retrain.

I can understand that. But this is not entirely new. In the 60s, hundreds of thousands in the mining industry were employed. Today, no coal is being promoted. The children of the buddy work for Thyssenkrupp with 3-D glasses, you will develop computer programs.

you expect the people. The former labour Minister Norbert Blüm had warned 35 years ago: “you can make out of a closet Keeper no space drivers.”

it’s not About that. In many super markets cash registers are automated. The cashiers do not have to be necessarily unemployed. No cashier should be retrained against their will to the Software developer. But there will be plenty of work, you can learn and do.

Isabella Stechel-Marceddu: Can you advise me what I should study and what not to?

I’d Rather not, because it is your life. But those who have studied mathematics and the natural Sciences, makes nothing. We have far too little specialists in artificial intelligence, software development, biotechnology. There is a great, future-oriented professions. But in the traditional professions, such as teachers, plumbers, journalists, there will be more.

the lawyer, Peter Altmaier Says. You are now 60. As you listen, faith, you determined that you are gondolas still in the self-driving car through the area?

In any case. May be I can do this even before I’m retired.

your Chauffeur is going on then, unfortunately, his Job.

He must then be able to do a better Job. The experience of the last 100 years shows that Much has been automated and the people were still working. Before the computers were introduced, there were secretaries – and today we have the office clerks, who are better qualified and earn more money.

optimism spread is part of your job profile in these turbulent times?

Who’s does not have any goals, you will not reach also. Digitisation has many advantages: Autonomous Driving will make driving a car a lot cheaper, a lot more people can afford it, the unemployed, the retired, or students.


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