In September 2018 Appple Manager Jeff Williams in Cupertino, California, a new Apple Watch with ECG. This new model has not yet been the subject of study for atrial fibrillation. © Justin Sullivan/

Funded by Apple, the University of Stanford has conducted a study with a total of 400,000 participants, the show should work, how well the Apple Watch as a medical Note. The aim was to find out whether the so-called atrial fibrillation of the Apple Watch can be discovered. Because of the potentially Affected often show no symptoms, the detection of this type of heart rhythm disorder is very difficult, reports by physicians of Stanford University. Meanwhile, preliminary results are available.

the study was Launched in November of 2017, so at a time when the Apple Watch 3 came on the market. The built-in electrocardiogram (ECG) of the newer Apple Watch 4 is missing in the assessment. The first two generations of the watch were part of the investigation. Overall, the Apple Watch has warned of 0.5 per cent of the participants that you have an irregular heart rhythm. This is just a note on the possibility of atrial fibrillation. According to the researchers, this is an important finding. Apparently, it was feared that the Apple Watch could alert many Users, so even people who have no heart disease.

With the Apple Watch 4 can monitor people your health data and your heart-beat measure. The U.S. FDA had approved the built-in ECG-measuring system. German heart specialists warn against, to rely on the device. © Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP/dpa

the note is, in fact, be understood only as a reference to show other Numbers. After all, 34 percent of users, and is the subject of the warning for a week in an EKG – a recording of the activity of the cardiac muscle fibers, showed, in fact, been discovered atrial fibrillation. It was noted the with a sent to the ECG Patch, recorded a week of the heart rhythm of the test subject. Since atrial fibrillation but not always occurs, is not to be expected according to the Team from the University of Stanford, that it shows up inevitably during an ECG test phase. Generally speaking, heart specialists warn that are longer in the front of it, to rely on measuring devices like the Apple Watch or other Wearables: A device to replace a doctor visit.

to find out how well the heart beat sensor in the clock works were carried out in the Stanford study also Tests in parallel with an ECG device. It was found that in 84 percent of cases when a Apple Watch will alarm at the same time atrial fibrillation in the ECG was noted. That is, of the 66 percent that were not detected by ECG, it will still probably be a few users that showed during the test phase, no symptoms. Presumably, the final results of the study will give more insight.

Apple-Watch-owners made voluntarily with

According to the scientists, the preliminary results are interesting for the research, the extent to which disorders predict or early detect, in particular, with the technologies in Wearabels, so on the body of portable devices. This study, however, is initially only a basis for further research. And the study is commissioned by the Apple company with the aim to demonstrate the positive effects of the Apple Watch – there is no independent research of non-biased science is learning.

the Value of the study, however, the high number of Participants. Similar Work usually have to make do with a few Thousand subjects and subjects, not least because of the high financial burden. Would have in this case kept within limits, since the Hardware has been purchased by the users who volunteered. Only in case of suspicion, medical Equipment was used.


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