Cold Drinks by the Pool, the feet in a cold stream or with starting in the waves of the sea race: Catch you just as you advised at the thought of cooling to the Dream? Let’s make it short: Who needs to sit these days in the office, can be sorry. At temperatures beyond the 30 degree mark sweating is announced. And Suffering. But you can do anything to have it at least halfway bearable in the office?

But of course. We have collected a few home remedies and tips, the cooling of the working day at least a little.

1. Correct ventilation and protection from the sun down

in the Morning should be adequately ventilated – then the window to go. And also a sun protection in front of the window is handy to keep the heat out of the room. You are sitting in a large office, ask the colleagues, the first thing in the morning since, once all the Windows to tear up.

2. Air is not equal to air

If it is in your office, a ventilation system, use it. Here, too, the window to apply:. The idea that threading will make the temperatures more bearable, that’s not true here. With the window open to get the heat into the house.

3. Earlier to go to work

Who has a working-time account, they can just come earlier to the office, when the temperatures are still bearable. Some heads respond even so accommodating that they send employees home early, and the hours later rework can.

4. The right clothes in the heat, choose

At such high temperatures, it comes down to the right clothing. Linen or cotton fabrics are ideal. Caution in the case of Polyester, in such fibers to sweat still more. The clothes should be a little looser.

office-etiquette-summer-No-Gos in the office: What you should not in this heat to put on or take off

sandals, shorts, spaghetti straps: provide Many workers with persistent heat and air and come in casual dress to work. However, there are some No-Gos.

From Jens Maier 5. The fan correctly

use, the air separator is a pleasant help. But: Blow the fan the cool air directly to the face, brings you a summer cold. In addition, the cold air can also cause headaches. Better: The fan on the torso to align.

heat wave in Germany, So help your pet through the hot days of AFP-6. The body is cool

Is heated up by the body, can be wet wipes a relief. Wrap joints to ankle and hand. The office is unpleasant to you, you can hold hands under the cold water faucet. Also, a damp, cool cloth on the neck works wonders.

7. Water for the feet

A particularly pleasant cooling: place under your Desk with a VAT of water. Feet of pure gorgeous. Whom this is not permitted, as an Alternative simply cool packs, and put his feet. Also that helps a lot.

8. Drink – but the Right thing

please You should drink in the heat a lot, Yes. This is an old hat. However, we forget the out of the office. Two to three liters should be in the heat, at least. Better than coffee tea, you can also drink cold. Little tip: By sweating you lose minerals. You add salt to the tea light and you drink it cool. Very refreshing!

to prepare Well know, The beginning of summer 2019: With these Tricks, you against heat 9. Do not overextend

The nights are too warm, the heat of the day paralyzes: if you feel currently limp, is not alone. Do not overexert yourself. Give yourself frequent short breaks from work.

10. Not too powerful to eat

food is also in the heat is important. You eat light meals. A salad is best or fresh fruit. The richer the food, so tired we are of eating.

A good message in the end: people are in the heat more productive than when it is cold. The US researcher Alan Hedge of Cornell University found. He was an employee of a insurance in Florida at a room temperature of 20 degrees. The result: The error rate was 25 percent. Then he turned up the heating. At 25 degrees, the error rate was only 10 percent.


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