Berlin – every Restaurant owner and every staff member dreaming: Suddenly, the door opens and two world stars to come in. So it is happening these days at the Berlin Local rocking horse: Heidi Klum and her fiance Tom Kaulitz were a guest there. The Restaurant asked the same to a photo session and distributed the footage via Facebook.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz diving surprisingly, in Locally in Berlin

“Well that was a Surprise” – this suggests that Klum and Kaulitz snowed really spontaneously and unexpectedly.

“you Have said why you stop just for you?” a Facebook-wants user to know – the answer initially, there was no. But on a different question: “which is also a great wedding location?” – as a result, the Local responds with two laughing Emojis. A clear denial sounds different. Perhaps Klum and Kaulitz for your hand in marriage Celebration want to Yes no Glamour Location, but prefer the cozy-looking “rocking horse”. Hard to imagine, but not impossible.

“How come? It was no coincidence,“ says another user in riddles. And a user thinks he knows the answer: “I would imagine that you have visited the Rammstein Store a visit.”

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz in Berlin’s Local: User id-Article-content blaspheme on his pants

is, once Again, there is also a photo-Detail for ridicule. “So the pants are not good,” it is Tom Kaulitz’ Jeans. “The poor Pig…gives him a pair of proper pants?” as well. Not much different was the dream Couple in a intimate image – there’s a lot of stumping on a trash can.

tradition restaurants seem to have Klum and Kaulitz apparently Liked, according to the and Gala, you have been spotted also in the Hofbräuhaus in Munich – along with Bill Kaulitz. “The troops arrived at around 22.30, on foot,” says a waiter at the Gala. They had ordered liver, cheese, sausages, clean, roast, pork chops and roast pork. “The atmosphere was super,” it says.

Greece on Thursday, Heidi was Klum an Embarrassing Moment.



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