Paris – Actually, Heidi Klum spends with her Tom just a few days in the city of love, but for your holiday snapshots you get anything other than loving comments from your Fans. It is a Detail in one of your last Posts that the User shocked.

And, although at first, everything looks so idyllic: “Paris”, commented Heidi your latest Post, and adds the six letters or whole lot of heart. According to this, she is sitting with a broad Grin on a boat along and cruise the Seine.

But her Fans, a ship to detect even in a completely different place: “it has ocean steamer instead of feet”, blaspheme and find “this foot is huge.”

Heidi Klum barefoot on the boat tour

in fact, the Model posing with no shoes on Deck. However, it is precisely what concerns the conclusion of your legs, hands, Heidi, according to their Fans prefer to the own nose. Because the call on the Model to make beautiful feet – after all, it’s what you always say.

For your Post, it is a hailing that is why the criticism: “she gets to her feet an old lady,” write some, quite bluntly, while others are even more direct and ask: “dude, pack the feet, grandma!”

Supposedly Heidi to actually have a Shoe size of 42/43, which is far above the average for a German woman. With a body size of about 1,76 meters but at the same time less surprising.

check out this post on Instagram to

P free to play game. A free to play game. R free to play game. I free to play game. S

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Jun 28, 2019 8:15 PM PDT

reactions of the Fans on Heidi Klum feet photo

can’t rely on their loyal Fans, Heidi, as always. Not only that, warn them with the words “watch your head!” also in front of the bridge in the Background, many are also just for the Model: “You see: You’re happy! Super sweet!“ write and praise the 43-Year-old, what a great woman she was.

some are of the opinion that Heidi belong to Paris, because that is the most beautiful city in the world – and the most beautiful woman in the world. And who is not Klum recently thanks to his appearance as successful as a Heidi, can afford surely to live on a large foot even if that may sometimes be meant literally.

only Heidi is not with your body for excitement and shows like undressed, even her fiance, Tom shocked the Fans with a hairy matter.

What the Fans have to wait but still ardent to that kind of special Post of the two, is the wedding Ceremony of the couple in love. The earlier the queue could be as expected, a photo now suspect.


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