Update 30.03.2019: Is Heidi Klum pregnant? The questions many Fans. And also friends. To which “Let’s Dance”contestant and fashion designer Thomas Rath also. He sat, finally, for two seasons with her in the GNTM Jury. Exactly, he doesn’t know whether Klum offspring of Tom Kaulitz expected. But he looks closely and reported bunte.de from his observation.

The striped dress worn by Klum recently, for him is treacherous. “You suspected it. She hides it with a lot of character,“ says Rath about a possible Klum pregnancy. “Then she has to have the striped dress, because it has really seen a small ball. I could imagine, really.“

He would treat Klum and Kaulitz young: “I think Tom mega. This is really a family – and this family cohesion, the Heidi needs. The Tom anyway, because he is always very, very close with his twin brother. I would be very happy for Heidi.“ Whether but so happy, what’s say Rath?

Heidi Klum hits Mariah Carey – and this cutting-photo offers twice the depth of insight

Update 28.03.2019: Who has the deeper neckline? This Competition appeared on Wednesday, two celebrity to deliver women. Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum. The singer was 49 years old, and congratulated this birthday your, of course, the model Mama with a shared Instagram photo. And that had a lot to offer.

black fishnet dress with deep insights in the case of Heidi and noble Poncho with Mariah – not less open-hearted. The view of the two draw in this picture is definitely on your neck. Deeper and deeper it goes. But the two of them can wear it, obviously, my Fans.

Under the Post, among other things, the congratulations of Heidi Klum self, of course. “Thinking about YOU, and Celebrating YOU today, beautiful butterfly,” writes the GNTM-model mom. Of course, many Fans use the opportunity to teach a couple of congratulations to the singer. “Happy Birthday.” In addition to the birthday Wish to Mariah Fans emphasize one thing above all: The ageless beauty of the two Stars. “Super beautiful Heidi & Mariah”, “Wow two beautiful women,” reads one Post. Also: “you both look more beautiful every year.” The two hear it with pleasure.

check out this post on Instagram

Thinking about YOU and Celebrating YOU today beautiful butterfly @Mariah Carey free to play game.

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Mar 27, 2019 at 3:29 PM PDT

Heidi Klum pregnant? Detail in the Instagram Story with Tom Kaulitz

Update 23.03.19, 12.25 PM: a closer Look in the Instagram Story, and when Heidi Klum is worth it. But she did not, apparently, before you uploaded the Video snippets from the holiday. A Detail reveals: she’s NOT pregnant. As the photo below (see previous Update).

Heidi Klum sits with her Tom Kaulitz in a Restaurant and tasted the exotic delights. He seems to be sitting to their Right. She is filming diligently with the food and says phrases like “This is sooo delicious.” If you look closely, you will recognize a swing, but with a beer – again (see below)!

+ Prior to Heidi Klum, a glass of beer.© Screenshot

of Course, it is not excluded completely, that it is alcohol-free. Or something that looks just like beer. But along with the previous photo you can assume that Heidi in the Asia-holiday tilts diligently juice of the Barley. And that would probably not Pregnant…

The mystery of whether or not Heidi Klum is pregnant or not, it seems to be lifted – for the time being.

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Heidi Klum is pregnant or not? This new photo wipes all doubts away

Update 22.03.19, 22.18 PM: The rumors come thick and fast – is Heidi Klum pregnant now or not? At least some of Instagram Followers the Models are sure, that soon young. But with one of your latest Posts Heidi could make a dash through the bill. As so often, a holiday photo with her fiance, Tom: The two of them to sit with a drink on a small table, in the Background a Chinese fishing village. Was served orange juice and two Beers. Heidi should really be pregnant, she would drink alcohol and then also a picture of on Instagram post.

The Fans are upset. “What, but not pregnant?”, “I would have been happy” or “beer = not pregnant,” comment the users, sad Smileys included. But some don’t let it get to you and to speculate further. “Who knows whether Bill is a, and the O-juice Heidi” or “the juice is, it’s a third party sitting at the table, and she’s hiding the belly”, presume the User. In addition, it might be just as well also alcohol-free beer, like another Fan says.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Mar 22, 2019 at 1:07 PM PDT

Heidi Klum Is pregnant? Fan wants to you in Trick

Update from the 22.03.19, 16.00: While Heidi Klum Fans have to speculate caught a possible pregnancy, recovers the Model with your Mama Tom apparently on vacation. GNTM and Jasmine beating attack, you can probably behind, currently Heidi has been posting on Instagram a photo after the other from China. But even the newest images for a lot of Fans of room for interpretation. One shows Heidi how she wraps around your Tom, in the Background a Church in the night-time Macau. “Sweet”, “dream couple” or “Beautiful,” to find some. But a user noticed one Detail and says promptly: “Haha, with the child between the two of you.” Whether it alludes to Heidi’s possible baby bump? Probably not, because between the two runs, in fact, a child in red pants over. This seems to confuse other users: “What is the child doing in there?” or “whose is this?”, comment on the Fans.

A User says to Heidi Klum for Cheating to get caught. “You can clearly see that with a Photoshop of the belly ‘pushed’, so that it is smooth. Is also not bad, is their thing,“ he says, and plays again on the Baby rumor. Another user responds only snippy: “you Can’t start a pregnancy quiz, where the winner can then cut the cord?”

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Mar 22, 2019 4:41 PM PDT

Heidi Klum pregnant? Model posts Naked photo of bedroom Fans speculate

Update from the 21.03.19: Is Heidi Klum pregnant or not? In addition, your Fans are already speculating for weeks. Until Recently, she stoked the conjecture with an Instagram Video properly, on which she wore a very tight dress. You saw a little Baby belly? Now, you could learn more. The Model-mom logs on with very private photos from the bedroom.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz in Hong Kong: Fairly private

Heidi Klum and her fiance Tom Kaulitz are just together in Hong Kong and left their Fans with photos from the Sightseeing to your Trip. Now the images are somewhat private. The Model Mama shared a snapshot directly from the hotel room and let the shells fall. Quite freely and “for the private collection”, will find some Fans.

But other Followers will love the private photos (to see all on the phone swiping or on the Desktop, click on the arrows): left out the Model mom of GNTM and Tom, the ranting and raving the other day, behavior on Heidi’s radiation on the snapshots. You seem to be really happy. “Being in love is sooo beautiful,” commented a User. Your Fans are looking forward for young luck and the natural photos. After all, No Manipulation far and wide. “You would be able to edit the photo with Photoshop as many others. BUT SHE DID NOT,“ reads one Post.

Tom and Heidi let the shells fall pregnant?

One thing is immediately apparent: Heidi and Tom completely covers. The couple Pics, they were quite unclothed. But Heidi is a shovel and confirmed this fact with another Post. The Model is presented only with the Slip dressed in front of the large Windows of your hotel room. It is with this Pic now certainty about their potential Baby-belly? No, because it is hidden on the photos once more. Heidi knows exactly how they must present themselves, in order to preserve the little secret. Their Fans are still safe: The Model is pregnant. “Baby time!”, commented on a user, because “she is much rounder around the hips and the lumbar. Safe is pregnant,“ wrote another Follower. Pregnant or not, the Fans will have to wait.

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J✈SPECT ETLA free to play game. G

shared A post by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Mar 20, 2019 at 3:42 PM PDT

Heidi Klum pregnant? Fans suspect that baby belly in the Video

Update from the 18.03.19: Is Heidi Klum pregnant? A question for their Fans since the beginning of the year. Only since the year 2018, the Model-mom and her new companion Tom Kaulitz are a Few. But the two seem to have it in a hurry. Khortly before Christmas, made the Tokio-Hotel-singer of his loved one, a marriage proposal, in 2019, they want to get married, so, now a child? Wolfgang Joop stoked the rumor mill in recent months. He wanted to know by Bill Kaulitz, the twin brother of Tom, that is the celebrity expected to couple with a child. But shortly thereafter, he denied the rumours again. It is now so officially?

pregnant? Heidi Klum shows Video on Instagram

two Instagram Videos the Model Mama took her Fans on Monday to a shoot with Amazon. Heidi Klum had a lot of fun in front of the camera. The Fans will probably be interested, however, in front of all. While Heidi Klum shrouded in the last few weeks, often in long dresses and flowing fabrics, wore them at the photo shoot in a skin-tight dress. In the Outfit hardly anything left to hide. And the sleek belly of the GNTM-juror arched suspiciously. Fans know that, “she is definitely pregnant.” And while some love the “Sweet baby belly” or “Baby on Board”, speculated one of the other already on the week of pregnancy: “the SSE 12” he believes to know.

However, not all believe in the offspring-rumors. Of the abdomen “could be the Pizza from noon.” In addition, strip “[ … ] not always slim,” wrote the Instagram User. Maybe “Tom can cook just fine,” considered a Follower. At some point Heidi will clear up the rumors. But until that time, Fans and Followers will speculate. Pregnant? Not pregnant?

Heidi Klum family posts photo Followers to puzzle over her belly

Update from the 15.10.18:

With a family photo on Instagram Heidi Klum wanted to show actually, only your enthusiasm for Halloween. However, the Followers respond with a lot of ridicule and Hähme (“didn’t Know that Tom has so many brothers and sisters”). Also, a different Detail that strikes you. “Are you pregnant?” questions of their Fans in a very direct way.

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A contribution Klum (@Heidi Klum) divided by Heidi on Oct 13, 2018 4:50 PM PDT

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His Fans puzzles in the Other teen Star Mike Singer with his latest Instagram Post. There, he announces a big news for the 30. November.

Heidi Klum shows up in the bedroom with breast Blitzer?

Update from the 14.10.2018:

Heidi Klum has posted a new photo of yourself for Instagram – it shows you jumping in the bedroom. “To the weekend hop”, posts the and own mom. And meets the Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth. It comes so clearly from a shoot of her.

A Fan has exactly looking: “dear Heidi. Your nipple is peeping out to the left,“ he writes. Then he feels a clarification in a comment entitled: “Please don’t get me wrong, great picture, but was definitely not wanted.”

he’s right? If Yes, you have to look anyway, faaaaaar to detect the.

check out this post on Instagram

Jumping into the weekend… #yippee @ellenvonunwerth

shared A post by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Oct 12, 2018 12:39 PM PDT

The majority of the are enjoying more of the total work of art. “Top picture of you” or a “class photo” for more comments. “After that, the bed was probably broken, is it?” taunts another.

Heidi Klum licks it like a dog Tom Kaulitz rum

Update from the 8.10.2018:

Heidi Klum (45) is madly in love, and it shows also all. The supermodel-mommy is flirting with Tom Kaulitz (28), and it is often quite to the point. The two Snuggle or Smooch – seem to leave little to the hands of each other.

a short Video on Instagram, once again proving that the Two really are to Eat, pardon me, for a Walk in the Park. Like a dog, Heidi Klum fluttered with a Mega-tongue Tom Kaulitz rum, and the back is licking.

For the common Abschleck Video have snouts Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz with a phone filter Dog and fluffy floppy ears missed. However, the Filter changes the color of the fur and snout, depending on who is just more and more in the focus of the camera. And because it is so funny, fast, a huge pink tongue from the face. The shots are quite blurred and the two seem to be of animal fun to have the Schleck attacks.

When dogs lick their master or mistress in the face, is a sign of social communication, experts say. The Lick is an expression of Affection and submissiveness. The lick of Heidi Klum in four-legged fashion is about a very special proof of Love?

But, to be alone, the thought of a dog licked off, many people are just disgusting and unsanitary.

Some Fans found the Video just “silly” and “childish”. Immediately, the age difference between Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz issue. “Mummy and son”, says a Fan of a dry.

most of the Few easy to find great and give the two their happiness. “Love knows no age and if you happen to have soooooo much fun together as you two,” writes a Userin. “You’re so in love, that’s all. More in love than in love.“, find a different one.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Oct 5, 2018 at 2:54 PM PDT

Heidi Klum ends up with the best friend of Tom Kaulitz in bed

Update from the 3.10.2018: What is wrong with Heidi Klum (45)? Surprised to scroll admirers currently have to go through the Instagram Account of the supermodel mom. The otherwise rather hard-hitting own Head around hops as a teen and even her Breasts jiggle. On top of that Selfies, or piquant snapshots are to be found Laugher.

But that’s still not enough: Now Klum has posted a new photo, the raises really questions: Apparently the snapshot in the bed is created. The light is dim, and Heidi herself is only seen in the Background. She leans relaxed against a padded headboard. The focus of the camera is someone else entirely, and Tom Kaulitz, it is not definitely. It is obviously a dog, their hands caressing tenderly.

“Waiting”, writes Heidi Klum photo, and as a point of an Emoji heart. In the case of the four-legged friend to the dog from Tom Kaulitz. But why the 45 pulls-Year-old hairy beast to bed? “Dog in the bed. No-go!“, a User complains. Most of the Fans have with the animal friend, but apparently hardly any problems and find the two just insanely cute.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Oct 2, 2018 at 9:55 PM PDT

Topless! Heidi-Klum-photo-emerged, and even ice cream

Update from the 14.09.2018:

supermodel Heidi Klum (45) melts, we have already seen, often lightly dressed. With her latest Instagram Post, she has reached a new Level of sexiness. In the photo Heidi Klum is seen completely naked, her Breasts covered only lascivious with their hands and with an ice cream! Because the GNTM-juror holds an ice cream cone in Hand, and it seems that even the pink-colored ice cream curves so fond of Heidi’s, letting it drip over her body. To do this, Heidi writes provocatively: “Someone’s ice cream?”

The photo is apparently already a few years old, but still, it delights your Followers. Already twelve hours after Heidi Klum has posted it, the picture of 178.000 Likes. For comparison: A Selfie together with the Ex-“Spice Girl“ Mel B, Heidi Klum posted the day before, like only 26.654 Time. Numerous comments of the User, the call is either ice cream from the Model-mom, or your enthusiasm about the sexy photo to Express.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram

A post shared by Heidi Klum (@Heidi Klum) on Sep 13, 2018 11:43 PDT

Heidi Klum ice cream Post, apparently, was a real success. And even if it will Attract a few negative comments à la”. Please.“ there was the Shitstorm to fight with the Heidi often after a generous Post, yet. Quite different it looked with this breast-speed camera photo with the Heidi their Fans angry.

17.09.: Heidi Klum: This photo might not like friend, Tom Kaulitz, how extratipp.com* reported.

Busen-Blitzer! Heidi Klum posts Festival-photo with Tom Kaulitz and read morest deep

Las Vegas – The Burning-Man Festival in the USA is the Hotspot for free-thinkers and Hippies. The people there just want to be what you always want to be. Without constraints, without rules. It’s no wonder that Model Heidi Klum (45) was there with her Lover Tom Kaulitz (29). On Instagram, the image presenter posted a photo of himself and Tom. In the Background you can see the endless Expanses of the Black Rock Desert. The sunset on the horizon. Tom, in the red-and-black-checkered lumberjack shirt and only with a little Party hat “dressed up”, hugging his Heidi, which rotates with the permanent wave, feather Boa, rhinestones and Mega-glasses dreamy to him. So it must actually look like real love. It seems that the two lovebirds would actually enjoy everyone and specially this Moment.

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Heidi Klum shows us her bare buttocks, but her Fans

Fans confused criticise Mama Heidi

like This image hundreds of thousands of followers. And also most of the comments under the photo are positive. Many wish the two fun at the Festival, congratulate love the two of your besonderern and write comments like “Love and Happiness”. However, some of the comments are negative and criticise the lovely Heidi as a mother.

+ Heidi Klum.© Reuters / Joel C Ryan

“I always wonder where your kids are? And what do they think when they see something?, writes an indignant user. Just imagine how the users would react if Heidi would have brought their children to this Festival.

free to play game.

A contribution Klum (@Heidi Klum) divided by Heidi on Sep 3, 2018 10:36 PDT

Heidi Klum has a successor in the US casting show “Project Runway”. She is also a sought-after supermodel.

the model Must have now fear for your relationship? Looks like Heidi got some competition in bed.

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