skiing is fun! We live right next to the ski mountain, that is to say with the car for a Minute. Approximately 800 meters to the Brauneck. This is also known as Munich’s house mountain, because he is from Munich in about an hour. The closest ski resort in Austria. On many days it’s going to be on the Brauneck, such as the Stachus, that’s why you have to be present often at the mountain travel. Just in the morning.

In the snake standing one has a lot of time,

• look around The family. The are four with a son and daughter. The father is wearing the skis, the 14-year-old daughter, who’s breathing all the time unnerved, because their mother with the embarrassing pink, ten-year-old quilted asks jacket constantly, whether anyone chocolate would. “Mom! Now, look on. Me is already bad!” Her eleven-year-old brother always fusses meanwhile, the shins in ski boots wehtäten. The father tries in the queue standing, the settings of the buckles of said ski boots to optimize unsuccessfully. All the while he is holding the following lecture: “And the Talski strain and weight on the heel!” While mom accompanied the presentation: “And squat not forget!” For So long, until both children of the Hand, embarrassed to keep in front of his face. (All four to the same SL Fischer Slalom Ski from the antepenultimate year of the hiesiege ski rental totally overpriced rented.)


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I’ve decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”


• The Oldie. The skis of the Mittfünziger from Munich, with its 30-year-old, Two-metres-of which he is still convinced that they were the best ever. As well as the gold-coloured Ski suit and Vintage ski goggles. Said Oldie is due to its material, the most authentic and ridiculed mild, people with newer Material. (The aforementioned Two-Meter Skis had the name of the Race of the Tiger, no longer to be built since 1967 in this Form, and have a sidecut that is no longer allowed.)

• The Cracks. Four to six guys. Very rarely a girl. All with the very latest Freeride-Ski-suits (the one with the wide Jackets and wide-legged, mostly solid colors), the giant blue-coloured ski goggles, Powder cords (if you are in deep snow the Ski is losing he is on the ski boot by a strap) and the white headphones, the Hardshell jacket protrude. All chew gum, talk little, look extremely cool, and feel the other skiers to be extremely superior. The Cracks go in all sorts of Shit in there and a talk, it would be deep snow, although there are only ten centimeters, and most of the Ski to ruin it. Real deep snow, 80 percent would be overwhelmed by them. (The Cracks have all ultra-wide deep-snow Ski that would be best suited for Canada, but certainly not for the Brauneck, which is why you need to make the Ski single and not double in the stop of the mountain train.

• The chick. She is fully made up and wearing the blonde hair in all the Fullness, not bound together, under the white helmet. To do this, it has a much too thin jacket with a fur collar, in your opinion, a good figure. A tight-fitting Jet-Ski-pants and the white ladies Skis with a curved inscription, “Carpe Diem”. Said chick is not in the position to carry your Skis reasonable, but you can hang cross-wise over your shoulder while you nearly stumble over your outstanding ski boots. The ultra-large, black, wool-Loop restricts the field of view the maximum. The chick laughing all the time, even when your Skis fall because of the wrong Wear six times down. When you Pass the barrier you will need five calls because you forgot where you put your lift card. The chick can only blue slopes, for you to laughs. (The chick just leaves the most beautiful Ski, regardless of their function.)

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Is’ really beautiful here! What is happening in Bavaria – even if you can’t believe it

• The ski instructor. The old, super-tanned Ex-ski instructor of 55 years, ridiculed in his old Bogner suit all the others, because he wag so great. The waves today, but curvt, other clothes and other Ski has not arrived for him yet. He’s stuck in a time ellipse. Therefore, the Ex-ski instructor also wears consistently is still a hat and not a helmet. (Said instructor drives either a Slalom or a giant slalom Ski, because he has no idea that there are now a Rocker, Freerider, all-round, All-Mountain, Performance, and High-performance Ski.)

• The shoveler. The slopes of the hump-drivers who operate quite professionally, because time and again, Championships are held. The Name comes from the fact that they are available to 70 percent without Skis on the mountain with shovels to try to optimize the moguls. The shoveler are all attracted to ultra-cool and ride a Twin tip (Ski with the front and rear upturned tips, and no plate under the binding, especially a lot of fine feeling on the Ski transfer.) The shoveler all have social problems. As a Tourist you will come with them barely into the conversation.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam daughter, son and husband don’t know what I’m doing secretly – the only reason you are happy

• Dad with son. The 45-year-old abandoned dad, the makes otherwise difficult-to-Sport, and today with the eight-year-old son of man “skiing”. (Please, don’t say skiing, but skiing!) The Dad has a white women’s helmet because of the fit in the sports business as well. All experienced skiers will take advantage of this fact irritated note. This Dad is wearing a narrow pair of sunglasses, and has a leg of the pants over the boot, and one to the bottom. Dad son husband always gives wise advice, although he himself drove the top-of-shit-Ski. The Dad drives the only ever self-purchased Ski of his life from 2012. Brand K2 All Mountain. Not because he has a clue, but because that sounded at the time. With respect to the Skis of his son, he had picked up a long conversation with a ski salesman in the sports shop, the seller, the ignorance of the father, exasperated, true, and correctly judged that the nature of the Ski in the case of an eight-year-old is not really crucial. (It Rocker in 132 cm with slight tendencies to be an Allrounder, but also features a giant slalom Skis- if you put enough pressure on the edges.) I think said boy ist give a shit, he just wants to skiing only.

And then it’s going – or so

once at the Top we see the family again. You can travel to the fourth in a row. The father is shouting instructions from the front of the exasperated teenager and the mother shouting words of warning to the exasperated Eleven-year-old.

The chick with the oversized Loop is encountered, with age, the ski instructors that lovingly takes care of her, while she giggles all the time. He then makes a free private ski lesson with her, her boyfriend, even sparkling.

The Cracks sit at some point in the Lift with the mid-fifties, and his Two-Meter skis and result in a proposed material discussion.

The shoveler chill just as the son of man of the lone Dad’s expertly the last hump your looks Felten route as hill uses, and to convince the father then from the Talent of his son.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Bayern survive or: “Only the Lord God and the butcher know what is in there in the Leberkas”, Allow me some well meaning advice: please!

Let your children to this irritating dog harness driving, in which the father holds the reins. As a result, the child will never learn to be smart skiing! Rather the other way around, it not learns his focus!

next: The child behind the insecure mommy forth, brings nothing! It will mimic your unsafe driving. Similarly, the instructions of the father, and of the means to help, he knows everything, but in reality has no idea.

Here all of us children can ski really well. Really, all of you! What is the secret behind this knowledge!? Should I tell you? We take no account! Seriously! We adults just drive extremely fast and Small to keep up somehow. Son and daughter then have an internal contest to see who is the fastest. Who is there first, is praised. Who was the Last, is encouraged. If one of the kids crashes, tried it as soon as possible to get up and continue, so that none of the family remembers – even if it’s hurt. If another family member would notice the fall, he would comment/him approvingly with the words: “Ey! Great Fall!”

There are no technology information needs. The look of this. The only meaningful note, there is skiing, knee fours! – Knee to the front. Learning to ski is for the Kids easy: easy to follow, the limits, to overcome, even if it is hard or cold or hurt! Not about to give up and a little bit of the eggs – then skiing is easy!

Believe me! I tried 😉


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