summer, sun, beach and sea – and in the midst of scantily clad, young women. The Nude photography of Dennis Swiakowski from his new book “Chasing Dreams” embodies a light-heartedness, as it is known only from warm summer days. The style of his paintings is characterized by the warm, playful light, the desire for the next beach vacation.

Swiakowski photographed analog and without any subsequent image processing, which gives the photos a very special ease. Surrounded his Nudes of breathtaking Scenes in seemingly untouched nature.

Body Positivity, Authentic, naked and without make-up – Nude photography, the beauty belies the “I am happy that I can do what I really love”

“Chasing Dreams” is a monograph of his Work from the last six years. “The book takes us from the Alps to the Karoo desert in South Africa, the Côte d’azur and to other exotic places around the world,” writes Swiatkowski on Instagram of his new book. “I consider myself lucky that I can do what I really love to be able to fascinating places and meeting people that inspire me, really.”

Dennis Swiakowski is a photographer successful fashion and has worked for renowned magazines such as Elle and Glamour, as well as for Nike, Adidas, and Hunkemöller. He was born in Amsterdam, grew up in the Netherlands and South Africa. Today he commutes between Europe, Africa and America.

“Chasing Dreams” by Dennis Swiatkowski is published by Prestel Verlag to buy 212 pages with 200 color illustrations, for 39,95 Euro.



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