The time-consuming search for possible children’s bodies in the garden of a 83-year-old wupper Taler will be continued. Excavators had dug on Friday in the neglected large garden with the course full-grown pond to the part of deep. A corpse-sniffing dog was used. Was found Suspicious after the previous data of the investigators in the garden at first, nothing.

but not done, said a spokesman for the police. You have continued this Saturday the Spading of the garden. In the corresponding house of the man, the investigators met on Wednesday to frightening: in addition to a large amount of child pornography, and a sharp Revolver they found in a Safe-Deposit box newspaper article about the missing children.

Prosecutor: “so Far, no evidence for child-murder”

“so far We have no evidence that the man has something to do with the Disappearance of the children,” – said chief Prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert on Friday in Wuppertal, Germany. The Suspect will reassure: He’ve done to any child. The possession of child pornography, he admitted however. The obvious pedophilic inclination of the man, and finds in his house, could be suspected, it could be a child killer, said the attorney more. The police had ruled out pursuing – even if it is only a suspicion.

garden dug up Terrible suspicion: police find newspaper articles about missing children in the Safe of 83-Year-old DPA

An arrest warrant against the Senior was adopted – due to possession of child pornography and violation of the arms act, but subject to certain conditions, out of the prison set. In freedom is not to be the Senior, but because of psychological abnormalities have been instructed. A spokeswoman for the city did not want to confirm this on Friday with reference to the protection of patients.

police officers had worn in the past few days, a “tremendous amount of data” on child pornography out of the house. 50 hard drives, multiple Laptops and computers with extensive visual material, were seized in the house. A first sighting confirmed the suspicion that the man is in possession of child pornography.

Wuppertal: 83-Year-old is the USB-Stick to doom

The 83-Year-old was apparently fatal, that he lost track of his collection of child pornography. He had were saved engaged in the refugee aid to a Syrian family for a USB Stick to pass on the important forms. “There is only the forms but were not on it, but also child pornography,” said attorney Baumert. The father of the family had informed the workers ‘ welfare and many of these are, in turn, the police.

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