18. May 2018. The high school in the Texas small town of Santa Fe, the nightmare of a killing spree overtakes; one of the countless Shootings in the United States a sad reality. A 17-Year-old school opened in the art room the fire. Ten people he kills, 13 more are injured (The star reported). “Surprise” is supposed to have summoned the offender before he began to shoot. Later, he is arrested after an exchange of fire, on the record, he did also want to shoot myself. One of the most important witnesses at the time: David Briscoe. The Social-Media Postings of the backup teacher sounded breathless, the man was apparently very close. His stories went through the U.S. media. Now, however, research revealed a Texas website: His story can’t be true.

by David Briscoe – a witness for the year days

a year Ago, but no one had any doubt. According to “Time” under Briscoe taught, unfortunately, just at Santa Fe High, when the rampage occurred. CNN, he told how he hide heroic to his students and ordered, and how he protected them arrived to the police. In the “Wall Street Journal” too, as he heard the terrible screams of students in the hallways. David Briscoe was everywhere to read. And his stories made him a witness, the to address again, if you want to remember on the anniversary of the terrible events.

The mother reported the 15-Year-old survived a shooting, her friends die: This story gets under the skin

just the fact of the “Texas Tribune” – a nonprofit media organization, civic Engagement through explanatory journalism and public events to promote. For a report for the “Tribune”website, the editors David Briscoe was who told his story again. “Very, very loudly,” are salaries, the first shots through the building. He reacts the same way, and his English-students forced to squeeze the hands in front of the mouth, to dams, to cries of surprise and Horror – so that the gunman could not be aware of them. He had barricaded the doors and the light deleted.

by David Briscoe? “We have no statement,”

And finally, he should be in the Interview become emotionally. Never again could he return to the school, protested the man, according to the report. Not knowing “only that blood sticks to the walls, where you go over … I think I could go back.” Anyway, he had given up teaching and moved to Florida about three months after he had accepted the Job at Santa Fe High, he reported to the “Texas Tribune”.

rampage in Texas, He said “Surprise” – That is, the killing of Santa Fe

But further research of the “Tribune”editorial on the Events a year ago had serious doubts about the narratives Briscoes advent, it means more. An investigator with the Galveston County police told the website: “All I can say is that we have no statement of a Briscoe”. And That the alleged witness reports, the shots were “very, very loudly,” pass right. “If he was somewhere else in the building than in the corridor, he could hardly have heard anything other than the fire alarm.” The have triggered a teacher to alert the entire school. The shots had taken place in the art rooms, the English classes were in a different part of the school building.


there’s More: A spokeswoman for the Santa Fe High competent school district informed the Tribune that there is no David Briscoe was known. And, most importantly, The school administration was quite sure that nobody of this Name has resided on the day of the massacre on the school campus. Also, some of the Survivors who were contacted by the editorial staff, have testified that they do not know any David Briscoe. Similarly, a spokesman for the Colonial High School in Orlando, Florida have said, to request, that, unlike previously claimed – no David Briscoe have held in your school in a speech to report on his experiences from Santa Fe. Ultimately, there was no more doubt: A David Briscoe passed it on to the Santa Fe High never, his stories are velvet, and particularly fictitious and: “I’ve never lived in Texas”, as the alleged Briscoe the “Tribune” still the Protocol should have, before he denied, to have with the editorial is spoken (which had been a member of his team) and finally, all of the contact paths severed.

Sante Fe, Texas student kills at least ten people at a US school DPA

the question Remains: Why did the man who called himself David Briscoe, the? Why he has offered through the social media, as a witness of the massacre and the media deceived? From Application Need? Hoping for his stories to collect? And how could this happen at all? How could stay the Fake for over a year undetected? The questions remain so far unanswered. “The incident shows how easily misinformation and spread can be generated, especially if it is during the course of investigations, only few detail information”, gave Leigh Wall, chief of the education authority, to consider the “Tribune”. All the media had published David Briscoes stories, have deleted the passages which relate to the false witnesses, allegedly, after the “Texas Tribune had informed” editors. “We apologize to our readers for this misinformation,” quoted in the “Tribune,” a spokesman for the “Wall Street journal”.

“It is sick and it is sad”

“I know what it is that drives people to such a tragedy to exploit,” said John Bridges, a senior editor of the “Austin American-Statesman,” the author of the “Tribune”Story. “It is sick and it’s sad.” In the throes of such events, reporters are often confronted with problems. “Unfortunately, some people try, a Situation to exploit and to fool reporters.” Compared to the “Texas Tribune” claimed all the media David Briscoe are eaten, you will want to take precautions that something like this can’t happen again.

source: “The Texas Tribune”, “The Hill”



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