People nowadays have started relying on the internet to satisfy their entertainment cravings. They seldom go out for walks, enjoy the beauty of nature, and engage in physical activities to entertain themselves.

In today’s world, watching TV shows, and movies, and playing online games have become the new normal. This practice was heavily adopted, particularly during the covid-19 pandemic, when people were encouraged to do social distancing and were locked inside their homes.

Children were taking online classes whereas professionals had started working from home. It was at this time that people started confiding in online games to kill boredom and conserve their sanity.

With so many gamers in the world, there is no doubt that people enjoy playing games. On several consoles and platforms, players can play everything from sports games to shooters to puzzle games. While some people enjoy playing online alone, many others prefer to play with friends or other gamers from around the world.

However, you will need a reliable internet connection to do so. No one likes frozen computer screens while playing their favorite games. You would want to complete all your gaming levels without any interruption. So if you are fond of streaming and playing games online make sure to sign up with a stable internet service provider like Optimum Español (for Spanish speakers only) that offers high-speed internet.

Now that we have established how important an internet connection is for online gaming, the next important thing to consider is speed. The following two questions always arise in our minds.

Why is it necessary for the connection to be so fast? Won’t an average connection suffice?

While it may work in some cases, there are various reasons why a higher-speed, higher-quality internet connection is generally suggested for online gaming, and this article will discuss the three major reasons.

Before discussing the significance of high-speed internet for gaming, let us discuss the basics of internet speed for gaming.


How can you check your internet speed?

You should be mindful of your download and upload speeds regardless of the platform you are using. You may pay for a faster connection, but the broadband speeds are often inferior to what you are paying for. If you do not test it, you will never know for sure.

Users of PC can simply go to Google and complete any of the available speed tests. There are websites specifically designed for this. They will look at your download, upload, and ping speeds.

Which internet speed is best for me?

For large games, a 1 Mbps upload speed and a 30 Mbps download speed are the minimum internet requirement if you have a fixed internet connection.

We will now discuss why high-speed internet is crucial for gaming.

  • It cuts down on lag time

The first reason why speedy internet is necessary for gaming is that it can eliminate lag. When you have a bad internet connection, your game will frequently stall or freeze, ruining your entire experience.

Imagine you have been playing all afternoon and you finally reached the last level of your favorite game, just as you are about to make your winning score, the desktop screen freezes. How would you feel? I am sure you would feel like punching the screen. However, it is not the screen that is at fault but the internet speed that is spoiling your mood as well as your gaming experience.

Hence, every gamer understands the aggravation of lag. It has the potential to turn something that should be enjoyable and relaxing into a terrible hassle. This has less to do with your internet’s download and upload speeds and more to do with ping and latency.

This refers to the speed with which input or other sorts of data can be delivered to the server and subsequently returned to your device. The smaller the ping, the faster the game recognizes your input. Better ping offers you an advantage over your opponent because you can observe and respond to things a little faster. 

  • It facilitates downloads and updates

When you initially purchase a game for your PC or console nowadays, an initial installation or download is nearly always necessary. This might be a few GB or even over 100 GB for novice gamers. High-speed internet enables you to complete these installs and downloads far more quickly and without difficulty.

If your internet connection is slow, it could take several days to install a game and hours to perform a little update. Also, as games become larger, downloading games or updates takes a very long, particularly when the internet connection is weak.

  • It is more reliable

When you are playing online games, there are a few things more aggravating than your internet going down. At some point in our lives, we have all experienced it, and it has the potential to destroy our online gaming experience. While any internet connection can go down, high-speed and fine-quality connections are generally more dependable.

They will be significantly less likely to crash and stop working, allowing you to continue online without interruption. This way you will enjoy a smooth gaming experience, and you would not have to be concerned about becoming completely unconnected.


Wrapping up

If you are a die-hard gamer, you obviously would not want to be frustrated by slow internet speeds while playing a game online. It can be annoying and depressing to know that you just spent so much time winning a vigorous game and no stats were recorded due to poor internet connection. Thus, your internet connection must be up to par for your gameplay and stream to run well.