On Monday it was so far: The 80-year-old Jerry Brown resigned from his office as Governor of California, his designated successor, Gavin Newsom, 51, took over. With the US Democrats, a man comes to Power, sees himself as “leader of the resistance” against Trump and its policy differs in any respect from the Trumps. Newsom criticized Trump, he fought him.

But politics, it was not in Gavin Newsoms inaugural speech in Sacramento only. It is a “disorder”, which was applauded by the audience, and Newsom nonchalantly accepted: blanket occurred in the Hand and pacifier in the mouth plodded a bit sleepy, the two-year Dutch on the stage and marched up to the lectern of his father. He wanted to be on the Arm. And Papa Newsom, who with his second wife, actress Jennifer Siebel, four children, reacted completely sovereign and not in the least irritated. He took his son, and said, with an occasional amused glance at the Little.

decide As a Dutch at some point, to leave the Arm of his father, he does not know what to do now. He knows only one thing: Back to his place to see his mother and siblings he does not want to. He wanders on stage and triggers when the audience laughs, as he piles up in front of the attempts of his mother and of his brother, to get him back. At this time, focus in the audience, probably no more to the words of the new Governor and also him self, he falls hard increasingly to stick to his Text. “We want to help families and their children. You need help, especially in these critical early years of life”, differs Newsom from his script and nod.

wiggles As her tired Recently, undecided at the steps around, starts his mother a last salvage attempt and. She is wearing Dutch back to the square and the small Conversation ended.

source: CNN on Twitter


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