“Actually, we’d need 100,000 people to work immediately in order to be sensible”, has the main member of the management Board Björn Köhler of the education and science trade Union (GEW) just explained. And in politics, the Problem of childcare is named fast: extreme lack of staff. But why educators are looking for so desperately? The star has spoken with Sabrina, a teacher from lower Saxony. She says: “I can confirm the dramatic situation in any case.” And she knows what she’s talking about. She is the Deputy Director of a kindergarten with a total of more than 120 children and also works in the group service. In Sabrina’s means there will be no later than August 2024 well-to-five open positions.

fear, anger and despair, a Dramatic shortage of personnel in early childhood education: star readers share their experiences Of Hendrik hold man “Little content? No salary!”

What makes the Job so unattractive? The main reasons for the dramatic shortage of skilled workers for the 31-year-old teacher clearly: 1. The in-school training is not paid and 2. the merit of pedagogical professionals in daycare centers is too low. “In the media is always spoken of little content in the training. A Little Content? No content!”, the teacher from lower Saxony explained. And this is a big Problem. The training takes in lower Saxony, a total of four years, in other States there are even five. Only those who can afford to start an unpaid training? And then still for a long period of time? “You either have wealthy parents or take care of Bafög. But that is not likely to be enough to live on.”

you have done it then but until the completion of training to the next problems. Not all professionals are paid according to the Collective agreement. Only rarely will it give performance bonuses, explains Sabrina. In addition, the high requirements made in combination with the low pay, the profession overall, “not very attractive”.

educators: More than “craft aunts with coffee mug in Hand,”

In the process, educators afford to be extremely important work. They are experts in education and care. They are there to help in such an important age to set the right course. “The nursery is the first stage in the education system, on which everything else is built,” explains the teacher. Nevertheless, the social recognition. “Many people see us still as a craft aunt with coffee mug in Hand.” It hurts educators that parts of society have such a picture before our eyes – also because for years, the requirements for daycare employees are on the rise. “We need to afford more and more, in addition to the activities at the child. This documentary Work on the individual children, discussions with parents, and consulting a lot of document. Often, we also need to make the collection, what comes home with the kids is too short or is completely lost,” says the Deputy nursery Manager. And the cook is ill times would have to be done with their tasks, by the way.

‘t accommodation in spite of kita place Dramatic injury crisis: Some Kita’s way of sealing dpa

No wonder, then, that many are deterred from working in daycare centers. Bear the brunt of the parents, in addition to the teachers often. In the institution in lower Saxony had to be shortened, therefore, the designated care period. Because a manger group was understaffed and the existing staff will be used to maintain the group, have to do without some of the parents on day-care. With the existing staff, the Situation is not overcome currently. “Many of my colleagues make countless Overtime or work understaffed,” summarizes teacher Sabrina your everyday life. The high workload’m also in the Team is noticeable. More and more colleagues would be sick. This must always be more frequently absorbed by the already understaffed colleagues, and support.

Kita-assistant to staffing: “Why the government has taken so long for nothing?”

it Deals in detail with the issue of “lack of staff in day-care centres”, it quickly becomes clear: The list of problems is long. Very long. The question remains: Who is really to blame for the misery? Has failed the policy? Federal Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) has announced plans to support the countries from summer 2019 to 2024, with around 300 million euros. With this measure, among other things, more day-care are to be won-skilled workers. The long-overdue compensation for the training to enforce Giffey. For the day-care centre assistant, based in lower Saxony, these advances come too late: “the right to a daycare place and the Expansion of Cribs, we have seen many years ago, with today’s shortage of skilled workers. And, of course, we have to ask ourselves, why the policy has done anything for a long time.”

Nevertheless, the projects of SPD-politician Giffey to combat the dramatic shortage of skilled workers, also hope. Only then, if the educator training remunerated appropriately and to the highest Standard will be offered, it could be ensured that new and good educators can be set up in German day-care centres, says Sabrina from lower Saxony. “Because for our kids we need – and the Best.”


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