Fitness Model Michelle Lewin went some time ago for a photo shoot in the Bahamas. In the beautiful scenery of Pig Beach should float Lewin for the camera. But it was all very different.

Model wants to pose with pigs on the beach – then she runs away screaming

to provide The uninhabited island with its beautiful turquoise blue water and white sandy beaches seemed to be the perfect backdrop. And then also surrounded by cute little pig! Better not,’thought the Model.

but Then the Oh-so-cute piglets turned out to be not so cute: While Lewin made in white Bikini on the beach poses for the camera, it was a Sow too stupid. Quickly, they trotted to the Model and bite her boldly in the most. The Whole thing was captured on Video and the Model on Instagram posted:

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in a Panic, looking for the Model in the Video, the Wide, seeing the fear, the young woman suddenly in front of the pigs. Maybe not entirely unjustified: In the recordings is to see how a red print on signs your behind part, of the legal acts painful.

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The shock was not probably big enough to share the Video with her 13.4 million followers. And the responded then all but amused. Between the thousands of Salmon-Smileys, there were comments like: “you Can condemn the pig – it finally looks like a Snack!”

another: “The pig knows what to do.” And another commented, even spiteful: “The pig should have given you far more harm, my dear.”

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