Honey, wax, pollen, propolis, and venom, the bee alone is responsible for a real pharmacy. The use of the products of the hive to relieve some of the pain is not new. “Apitherapy is a medical very serious and can truly help cure some diseases of everyday life “, explains Dr. Albert Becker, a doctor, a beekeeper and president of the francophone Association of apitherapy (AFA).

And each product of the hive’s interest. In 400 bc J.-C., Hippocrates, boasted already the advantages of the wax to relieve the skin diseases. Secreted in the form of scales by the young workers, it is used in the coatings of medications. In dermatology, it imposes itself as an essential component, because of its protective properties, cosmetic and herbal. The wax integrates in creams, soaps, lotions, coatings for pills, ear plugs noise, molds, dental, bone surgery, suture, etc

propolis, an antibacterial of choice

Another flagship product of the hive : propolis. The tree resin is collected by bees from the buds of trees ; in Europe, mostly poplar and birch. Transformed into propolis in the hive, it is used in traditional medicine in the prevention of wound infections. “Today, alcoholic extracts modern from propolis of european content guarantee in polyphenols are used for their antioxidant properties high. Its activities antibacterial and antiviral helping to effectively fight germs that infect the teeth, the cavities ENT. Used orally, it is effective in many infections of the gastro-intestinal and uro-genital, in the preventive and curative treatment of the side effects of chemotherapy, ” explains Dr. Becker.

Before adding that its antifungal action is also recognised and used in gynaecological infections. “The propolis also has a major interest in the fight against certain viruses such as influenza, HIV, herpes, HPV virus responsible for cancers. It is also effective as an anti-inflammatory and acts favorably on the immune system, but can also be allergenic “.

Proteins, fatty acids and vitamins

royal jelly is a specific of the hive. It is the object of numerous studies on its activity in humans. This fluid is thick and creamy, synthesized in the body of the bee feeder during the digestion of pollen, which is secreted from the glands in their head. Royal jelly is a rich source of complete protein, containing all essential amino acids, and fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. It reduces the rate of HDL cholesterol and increases the LDL (good) cholesterol. Royal jelly accelerates the healing of tissues, the quality of the fibres and stimulates the growth.

Product is less known : the venom. This substance secreted by the glands is used in apipuncture traditional. This method is to remove the venom by a bite on the painful areas or on acupuncture points. Widespread in Asia, it is used in the Maghreb countries, weakly in Europe, because its use presents a benefit not demonstrated, or even worsening in some neuropathies (SEP – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis –, ALS – multiple sclerosis). Currently, several centers are studying the use of certain venom components in the treatment of sequelae of cerebrovascular accidents, of Parkinson’s disease and various other pathologies. As pointed out by Dr. Becker, France permits only one use : the treatment of severe allergy to bee venom.

The bees also collect fresh pollen transported in the form of pellets. In the diet, this natural dietary supplement provides amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc, ” The fresh pollen is very beneficial for the proper balance of the intestinal microbiota of human and stimulates the functions of stomach. It can limit the autoimmune mechanism of the dysbiosis. This imbalance of the intestinal microbiota is a possible responsible of multiple sclerosis, in subjects predisposed, rectocolites, autism. The pollen can also limit AMD by the contribution of the constituents of the retinal pigment, ” details the doctor beekeeper.

“Not snake oil”

the star of The hive, the rest of the honey. As foreseen in the european legislation, the natural substance produced by bees shall not contain colorants or preservatives, or additives. Thanks to its content of flavonoids, the honey has also a power antioxidant. “This food product replaces the white sugar by stimulating the activity of the lactobacilli contained in the intestinal microflora “, explains Dr. Becker. Many studies have confirmed its efficacy as an antibacterial when applied on surgical wounds. Its healing properties are also used to relieve burns and scalds, and some cutaneous ulcers infected.

Despite these numerous potential benefits, Dr. Becker, puts a flat. “Products of the hive are not snake oil. Don’t forget that nature can kill. Not everything can heal itself with nature and it is not necessary to give misguided hope. “Before adding :” In the future, apitherapy will assert itself in the context of predictive medicine, personalized as an effective technique to limit the appearance of certain diseases and facilitate the treatment of certain pathologies. “


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