Gigi Becali, the controversial president of Steaua Bucharest, has again sided ! The man pays regularly to the chronicle with his statements homophobic and racist. We can now add misogynist to the list. When asked about the possibility of creating a section of women’s football in the club Romanian Gigi Becali replied : “If they force me to form a women’s team, I retire from football ! How do I do something against the will of God ? I do not do things against nature, it goes in the direction of the ideas of Satan “, according to comments reported by the british daily The Independent. And continue in the same vein : “The girls can play handball or basketball, which are nice sports. The women were made by God from the rib of man and for man. If we do this, we don’t care about forms made by God to attract the man. In this way, we have distorted the women. “

The statements which had aroused the wrath of the Romanian federation of football : “We condemn such behaviour and such allegations, unworthy to be relayed, about a sport in full development in our country,” said a spokesman for the instance. The sports organization also pointed out that the majority shareholder of Steaua could incur sanctions for his comments, if these are found to be discriminatory by the committee of discipline and ethics of the federation.

relaying of Christ on earth

the richest man of Romania is not at his first attempt. He who considers himself as “the relay of Christ on earth” holds about openly racist and homophobic. It was called “monkey” a commentator on black and refused the arrival at the Steaua player because of his skin color. In this regard, the president explained in these terms : “An agent brought it up to me and Nicolita [former player of Steaua, editor’s NOTE] told me that Pongolle was incredible, he was doing what he wanted with the ball. But, here, everyone is not doing what he wants but what I want to ! He even told me that he was a christian, but it is black… ” another player would also be banned from joining the team, because Gigi suspected him of being gay. The president had also denied that the traditional “We Are The Champions” by Queen is sung by their players, because Freddie Mercury was gay… and so crazy ! The ex-member of the european parliament – because it is also the policy has also told women that they were no longer of value after having given birth.

In 2008, he tries to motivate the players of Universitatea beat the CFR Cluk, to ensure that the Steaua recovers in extremis the national title in the last championship day. How ? By giving them a suitcase containing 1.7 million euros in cash. But the attempt hood. He was also involved in several cases of tax fraud, bribery and kidnapping. And, in 2013, Gigi Becali goes through the box prison. He is incarcerated at the prison of Rahova, then to the Poarta Alba. The man was sentenced to three and a half years of detention for a case dating back to 1997, related to its huge and questionable wealth. But there will be a reduction of sentence for his behaviour that is considered exemplary in prison. So this is a non-exhaustive list of the escapades of a dark character. Already condemned in the past by the disciplinary committee of the football Romanian, there is a risk of a new sanction.


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