Hong Kong police has forbidden a for Saturday’s planned mass protest. Such a request by the organizers of the Protest Alliance, the Civil Human Rights Front was rejected, as the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported on Thursday.

The group, which had brought in the past few weeks, several times, over a Million people on the road, wanted to stop on Saturday was originally a rally and a March to the liaison office of the Chinese government.

prohibitions of demonstrations had taken place during the for more than two and a half months of ongoing protests, again and again. However, many of the protesters were still on the road. According to Hong Kong media reports, it is the first Time that a March and an Assembly were prohibited. The police justified its decision that new riots were feared.

Since 9. June in the financial metropolis again and again to demonstrations which often ended with clashes between a small part of the protesters and the police. In the case of the protest movement, it’s fear of a growing influence of the Chinese government on Hong Kong. The protesters are calling for an independent investigation into the police violence at the protests. On Wednesday, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets accused the police of sexual Assaults on protesters.

By the prohibition of the government to show that it was not ready for the Public to listen to, cited the “South China Morning Post,” co-organizer Jimmy Sham, who wanted to insert, therefore, appeal against the decision. Sham, the newspaper reported, was on Thursday attacked in a Restaurant by two masked men with Baseball bats. While he bore no injuries, had to be brought a friend to the hospital.

the garrison of The Chinese people’s liberation army in Hong Kong, has completed, according to Reports in state media on Wednesday night with their annual “troop rotation”. The state news Agency Xinhua showed pictures of armored vehicles, which crossed into the darkness of the border in the Chinese special administrative region. Therefore, it was since the return of the former crown colony in 1997, the 22. Time the Chinese troops in Hong Kong is rotated. In neighbouring Macau, therefore, units were replaced.

Against the Backdrop of the continuing protests in the city are Chinese troops currently under close observation. In the past weeks had become loud, that Beijing could intervene militarily in the conflict.

stationed in Hong Kong, units of the people’s liberation army, however, is no secret. After the departure of the British in 1997, China’s military moved in officially with its own garrison in the city. Its strength is currently estimated to be 5000 to 7000 soldiers.

Beijing had built up, especially with units of the armed people’s police, which were stationed in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen in close proximity to the border, a threat. State media spoke of the “Exercises”, which were, however, directly related to the protests in Hong Kong in connection. The presence of the units was “a significant warning” to the rioters, wrote the state-run newspaper Global Times.

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