In Brisbane, Australia, is become for Helen Richards was a nightmare come true. The 59-Year-old was going to the toilet by a Python and bitten, had sought through the drain pipe your way to the toilet.

How, among other things, the Australian TV channel 10 News First Queensland reported, went to Helen Richards the bathroom, to go to the toilet. After you’ve left the toilet seat down, have you felt a “slight Tap” on the seat, she told the Reporter of the news channel. “I immediately jumped from the seat and turned to me,” said the 59-Year-old. Then you’ve seen the reptile pulled back into the Siphon. Present in spirit, you have closed the toilet seat and snake catchers alarmed Jasmine Zeleny.

snakes in toilets are not unusual got the 1.50-metre-long carpet Python from the toilet bowl, and brought to you from Helen Richards house. The 59-year-old Bitten suffered in the incident small wounds. Bites from Pythons, however, are not toxic. Any person who is injured, but should be with a Tetanus-vaccination treat.

Horror in Australia Python bites sleeping child in the head

That queues will get lost in the toilets, on the East coast of Australia are not uncommon, said snake catcher Jasmine Zeleny of a local newspaper. It is usual that the animals with high temperatures, go in search of water in the drain pipes. Typically, you would leave the bowl in the direction of the apartment. “In this case, the way out for the snake was blocked by the Sit down, they bite out of fear,” said the Catcher.

Helen Richard is not going to happen, the nightmare. And all other Australians, and Australians, she has a piece of advice: “Look in the toilet bowl, before you make,” she told 10 News First Queensland.

source: 10 News, First in Queensland, “The Courier Mail”


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