Hours week: necessary, but destructive

That is the business most natural to react to force majeure, to struggle with which administrative methods – the same as trying to stop an avalanche with two bare hands. It has reduced costs.

But the salary of all the employees should be stored in the same volume – that emphasized Putin and the Ministry of labor (in the subsequent explanation). But there is a problem. Whether to grant or not paid severance the week – only the good will of your employer. The state cannot force a private company to take such a measure. The failure of presidential decree absolutely nothing she is not threatened.

the Code of administrative offences (Cao) provides for punishment only for forcing to work on weekends or public holidays. And the current, fallen from the clear March sky weekend the Labour code does not appear, and this is the fundamental part. Other business – a nationwide quarantine. Now, if it is announced, would have to pay from the budget of the social insurance Fund as for sick leave. Feel the difference? In the adopted well, it seems like no one owes nothing.

Generally, the concept of “weekend” eternally associated with something bright, cheerful, and serene. With freedom of choice: you can get the whole family even in the Park, even in the restaurant, at least for a concert, even in the Mall. This time will not move. Tradition broken, the situation becomes fundamentally different, sinister meaning. Particularly tragic it is for business, for companies, not waiting for any miracles from coronavirus or favors from the state. According to experts, the result of the inevitable collapse of demand for goods and services, the daily loss of the Russian economy in the first week of April may be about 270-320 billion per day, or about 1.3-1.6 trillion rubles for the whole week. It is approximately 1,3-1,5 per cent of GDP.

Holidays are not needed for those companies that have already switched to “udalenka”. Now, many employers face the dilemma – either to stop working or to paythe employee for overtime. But if you breathe in the incense, where to get money for others?

of course, Russia – not the West. Local governments and the Central banks already help the needy business sectors, at least partially covering the lost income of the direct subsidies. Major economies – the U.S., EU and Japan are preparing to hold the largest-ever equity program for a total of $10 trillion, over 12% of world GDP. We are going our own, clearly not beaten today by. Aggressive monetary and fiscal measures to rescue the economy, thousands of small and medium enterprises, millions of employers and employees is not our way. But the government threatens companies with audits for dismissal on the background of the pandemic.

No, we cannot say that the authorities do nothing. But all that they offer for small and medium businesses – or half-measures or delayed solutions. So, a three-month postponement of the rent only applies to those who rent premises from the state or city authorities. But how many of us private landlords?

Or take the discussion with major state-owned banks the idea of issuing short-term loans to businesses so that they can pay wages to employees. According to first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, it is about “emergency loans for interest subsidies in the limiting case to zero and with high guarantee coverage.” But it’s too late. Help companies need right now, at this moment, not tomorrow or the other day. Turnover in non-food retail chains has fallen to three-quarters of the normal volume. Someone already managed to fail.

the Most devastating for the economy of what could happen – has changed consumer behavior. In the business model of enterprises, this turn was not originally laid, not laid up in our life a purely hypothetical event: the explosion of a nuclear bomb or asteroid impact. We are accustomed to the fact that the economy operates according to its laws, and the biological life of its own.

But because of the coronavirus two realities crossed, forming an eerie symbiosis. Russia, judging by the latest actions of the authorities, were ready for this no more than the rest of the world. Was right Saltykov-Shchedrin: “in God’s world There are corners where all the time – transitional”.

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