The proposal by a US team of researchers from San Francisco State University sounds absurd at first: scientists from California recommend that people who squat regularly and a long time in front of a screen, several times a day, 30 seconds to consciously sit exaggerated crooked. They believe that in order for a targeted awareness can be sharpened, which means unhealthy for the body.

students complain of pain

In the U.S. Journal “Biofeedback,” says Erik Peper, co-author of the study: “If the body position is high and upright, the muscles of the back easily, the weight of the head and neck.” The be about 5.4 kilograms. “Tends to the head by 45 degrees to the front, duplicated the load, because the neck is a kind of lever,” said Peper. In their study, should sit down 87 students, initially erect and rotate the head to both sides. You should then repeat the Same with forward tilted head. The result: 92 per cent were able to turn your head worse than before.

In a second experiment, 125 students remained 30 seconds in the “unhealthy” attitude, with a bent forward head. 98 percent reported afterwards, about diffuse pain in the head, in the neck or in the eyes. By constant admonitions to sit up straight, keep the scientists nothing. “Experiments, the a effect, are much more helpful for a good attitude,” – said in the article.

slouch: Intentionally

Peper exaggerated is convinced that everyone can very quickly do something against his bad posture at the Desk. “We recommend to go intentionally repeated and exaggerated in the deviated posture, to increase the attention for a good attitude.”

In Germany, sitting every day, several million people employed in the office in front of a screen. In particular, in large cities, almost every Second is now at the Desk. According to the latest DKV-Report 2018 – “How healthy is Germany?” sitting just under 30 percent of the German four hours each day, and more in your workplace.

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