The idea to fill the empty egg carton on the market a second Time, is wise and commendable. In particular, from an ecological point of view. The verbraucherzentrale Berlin – discourages but for a different reason strongly from the multiple filling of egg cartons. “The cartons are mostly made of cardboard and cannot be cleaned sufficiently, so that, for example, Kotreste of the chicken stuck to it,” warns the consumer to the online portal This could lead to the fresh eggs are contaminated with germs and pathogens.

In one of survey of nearly 25,000 respondents, 80 percent, and to use purchased egg cartons several times. Only one in five has done the therefore never.

consumer: “Immediately in the trash!”

in Particular, for the hands of children, but also for the elderly, can be poison, contaminated egg cartons. Your immune system may be less pronounced. In order to diseases are more prone to diarrhea, such as Salmonella, are caused. Also abdominal pain, fever, Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of the so-called salmonellosis. “Do not throw the cartons of eggs after a single use immediately in the garbage bin”, and therefore recommends to the consumer, and pushes for a more important rule: “in Accordance with the Process of eggs should always be thoroughly washed their hands. Also cooking utensils, the goods with the eggs in contact should be rinsed with hot water.” The only way it can be avoided that dangerous germs to get on food – and, ultimately, in the body.

eggs in Germany include the most popular foods. According to statistics from the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture (BMEL) was the Per capita consumption in 2017 at 230 eggs. That sounds like a lot. Are not meant here, but only the popular Breakfast eggs, but also eggs, processed goods, for example in noodles, or baking. Overall, therefore, the gigantic 19 billion were consumed eggs.



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