How many prisoners of the Gulag fought in the great Patriotic

Crime 16/02/20 How many prisoners of the Gulag fought in the great Patriotic

One of the least known pages of history of great Patriotic war is still the subject of the use of labor of prisoners of the GULAG system for the defense industry and military merit of released prisoners in the army. Convicted along with other Soviet citizens also forged the victory, and the weight of their contribution to this nationwide cause Holy is undeniable.

Every fifth prisoner died of starvation

From 1941 to 1945 years through the establishment of the Gulag of the USSR, including special settlement, were about 5 million prisoners, and at the beginning of the great Patriotic war the camps were about 3 million. The prisoners were malnourished, suffered from dystrophy. The number of deaths from starvation during the four years of war had reached the million mark.

the Germans counted on the support of this huge criminal population when you capture the Soviet Union – they believed that the rebellious convicts will hit the Soviets from the rear. However, Hitler knew the psychology of the Russian people, even so offended the Soviet authorities, as a prisoner, the inmates throughout the war not only actively worked on the defense of the Soviet Union in the rear, but with the arms crushed the Germans on the fronts.

“Bitches” paid with blood

the conditions of war demanded is located in the rear of the maximum return of time and energy for the war effort – from all categories of the population without exception. From the first months of the war many units of the Gulag as a whole was freed from objectors to work together with bytovikam walked and thieves. Introduced a new system of work organization as a front-line of watches, the volume of products produced over the plan, recorded in the individual personal account of the prisoner.

since July 1941 speculaton of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR has begun the early release of tens of thousands of prisoners certain categories. Until the beginning of November of the same year to the army from the ranks of former llagernikov were designed nearly 160 thousand people. All in all, until mid-1944, the Red Army took the troops to a million freed prisoners, which filled 67 divisions.

Among the prisoners-volunteers who went to fight with the Nazis, was and thieves – category prisoners, who for the rules of the underworld is strictly forbidden to cooperate with the government in any form. Return after the war to the camps of these veterans of the fighting has provoked the so-called “bitch war”. In these fierce fights the “right” and “rolled out” thieves cut each other to death.

As he fought former prisoners

They fought no worse, and sometimes braver and others. By the way, who became a Soviet legend, and he was posthumously awarded the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov (he shut down an enemy pillbox) – also from the “former”. Of the released prisoners have formed the special forces, fought on the most dangerous sections of the front.

thousands of former prisoners for the military services received orders and medals, many of Matrosov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The most famous prisoners-Heroes of the great Patriotic war Marshal Rokossovsky (hero of the Soviet Union) and General A. Gorbatov.

the Mother of Maya Plisetskaya was sitting in Algiers

as you move the Hitlerite armies in the Soviet Union there was an evacuation of the colonies and camps which could be in the occupied zone (from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Central regions of the Soviet Union). Over 700 thousand convicts from nearly 30 camps and more than 200 colonies were moved into the country, new places of deprivation of liberty in the emergency order was set in the far North, Siberia and the far East, the Urals, Central Asia and other remote regions of the USSR.

the Economy of our country in war were in dire need of labour, the convicts had become a part of the military-industrial complex, created in the East of the Soviet Union. The prisoners were engaged in defense construction including the construction of Railways, produced munitions, equipment, special containers and other products. 240 km lateral (frontal) road Stalingrad – Petrov Val – Saratov – Syzran prisoners by bombing built for a hundred days, which subsequently allowed them to carry out uninterrupted delivery of Stalingrad military echelons with manpower, ammunition, food and equipment.

the Cons for the needs of front was producing ore in the mines. Only copper ore in 1942 they were raised on the mountain six times more (over 600 thousand tons) than in the previous year. Prisoners of Alzhir (Akmola camp for wives of traitors that were included in the structure of Karlag) in the steppe storms and severe frosts sewed military uniforms for the red army, in the Karlag rolled annually 30 thousand boots for the army. In Algeria sat wives of famous personalities – Tukhachevsky, writer Pilnyak, and the mother of Maya Plisetskaya and Timur Gaidar, theater Director Natalia Sats.

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