HSE rector predicted the dismissal to a third of office workers due to coronavirus

In his opinion, the shift to remote work will lead to the fact that the concept of “workday” and “workweek” will gradually disappear, and labor relations will be much easier.

From the former office workers will cease to enforce the dress code and other formalities. The main parameter will be the performance of work, the HSE rector believes. While employers realize that they can save on costs: to reduce rental costs of premises and staff such as secretaries, security guards and drivers.

the Losers as a result of such change will be those who will not be able to adapt to the new system. “Until now it was believed that if you educated, smart and willing to work, then the work will find in any case. In the new reality, everything is tougher,” — said Kuzmin.

About the impending dismissals of Muscovites previously warned the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He promised to appoint a victims compensation in the amount of 19.5 thousand rubles.