Italy will have to pay only for murder, convicted and then acquitted a US citizen Amanda Knox and more than 18,000 euros in compensation. The Italian authorities had violated in the case of the survey, Knox’ several of their human rights, ruled the European court of human rights in Strasbourg on Thursday. Knox welcomed the ruling.

The Italian authorities were not the accusations of the US-American pursued by the police and put under pressure having been beaten, has been argued by the judges in Strasbourg. Italy also failed to justify satisfactorily why Knox got in 2007 at a crucial police interrogation with no lawyer. Thus, Italy had failed to, among other things, the right to a fair trial. The verdict can be appealed within three months.

Amanda Knox, Luke Cage, and more these are the new series for Netflix Junkies By Christoph Fröhlich Amanda Knox, after eight years, acquitted

Knox was convicted in 2009 for the murder of the British exchange student Meredith Kercher in Italy to a long prison sentence. The body of 21-Year-old was found in the apartment she shared in Perugia with Knox. After nearly eight years of judicial wrangling Knox was acquitted finally. Until then, it had been sitting for about four years in prison and in the media as the “angel with the Eisaugen” gained notoriety.

A judgment because of false suspicion: Knox had accused, after Conviction of the Italian judge, a well-Known of the murder of Kercher, although she knew his innocence. The American made before the Strasbourg court that you have made this statement in a state of shock after the discovery of the dead and under the impression of the blows of the police.

Knox welcomed the judgment on Thursday. On your website you wrote, the European court of human rights have ruled that their conviction was due to false suspicion unjust. The Italian police had been determined to break you. “I have 53 hours was interrogated within five days, without a lawyer, in a language that I, perhaps, so well understood how a ten year old. As I told the police that I have no idea who killed Meredith, slapped me on the back of the head and told me to “remember”.”

Former prisoner Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend is now signed columnist for criminal cases of statements, then is used to make a

Finally, the police had spread out in front of her a story, that you have seen your friend killed the British exchange student. “They told me, I was traumatized by the incident and suffering from amnesia.” For a brief Moment she had thought that the police might be right. Finally, you have signed the appropriate statements, but within a matter of hours back. You have for many years had a guilty Conscience because of it.

The only legally established case Sentenced in the unsolved murder, is Rudy Guede. He was convicted of accessory to murder to 16 years in prison. The question of who could have helped him, thus remains open.

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