“means first-class travel, can always expect the Exceptional” – the Lufthansa chooses great words to apply to your First Class. In the aircraft of the German air transport group and on the ground a strict separation according to four different booking classes is at the competition. While in the back of the Economy Class, the passenger people sitting in tight rows, to the front rule of individualized luxury, for the best a paying customer Mr. In between, there are still Premium Economy and Business.


As one of the few Airlines in the world, the Swiss has on all its long haul aircraft on a First Class. In the picture the Senator Lounge in Terminal A at Zurich airport.

©Swiss International Air Lines

anyone Who travels much, can reach the “Status miles” classification as a Frequent Traveller and Senator or at the top of the “Hon Circle Member”. The member must have, within two years 600.000 Hon miles flown. As such a valued customer, you may also use the facilities on the ground, Lufthansa has arranged for its First guests in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, New York and Tokyo. In the air the booked Ticket is only.

First Class Terminal 130 of Whiskey

In the Frankfurt First Class Terminal star cuisine, fine cigars, a variety of wines and more than 130 different Whiskeys. In addition to work opportunities, there are day beds and baths, and everything in understated luxury. The technicalities around the flight personal assistant to look after, while the guests relax, or other important things.

Skytrax survey: First Class above the clouds: Which are the best Airlines in the world Fullscreen

10: Qantas

it is a night flight, the Australian Qantas in First Class on Board the Airbus A380. On the following pages in the photo section, we present the Top Airlines in the most recent Skytrax survey, with a First Class.


The frequent flyer, Torsten founder noticed the true benefits of his Hon Status, but especially in crisis situations, and extremely tight connections. Several times already the almost closed Gates were for the man once more opened or the maintenance reaches the end of a connection plane by limousine-Shuttle on the apron just yet.

Blog Follow Me Upgrade for the First Class: the Airlines, the furniture in the luxury class By Till Bartels

At the black Hon card to hang in the doubt, important dates, or a free weekend with the family. Exclusive appetizers, fresh exotic fruits, or the seemingly endless selection of drinks in the Lounges are there. “If all the other already for a long time nothing goes for us and what is possible”, summarizes the regular customer of his experiences.

The Hon appreciates the attention brought to his interests or the convenience of a shower after a long-haul flight. Increasingly dissatisfied with the IT Outsourcing expert, however, is with the Performance of the Lufthansa booking software, which together will break after an Update, more and more often.


Two First-Class let apartments in the newest A380 of Singapore Airlines to a bedroom with a double bed remodel

©Singapore Airlines

And finally, he would League of its flights, like to watch football, but only the internationally-marketed Premier League from England. The German League will be managed by the program providers, says Lufthansa.

5 percent of the passengers make up 30 percent of the sales

The Premium guests are the wishes of the Airlines, despite some of the extra dear to. According to analyses of the Airline Association IATA and the ticket prices in the Premium classes, including the Business, have fallen since 2011, significantly less pressure than the cheap Tickets. The Premium customers are global, although only 5.2 percent of all passengers, but for 30 percent of sales.

On the exact price relationship of the individual booking classes to each other, the Airlines have nothing to say. The Aviation consultant Gerd Pontius, that a First passenger can bring the same Profit as four Business-to-customer or 20 Eco-seats – last-time-frequent special offers for first places time.


The Airbus A380 of Emirates Airlines, there are two showers for First Class passengers. Through a floor-to-ceiling mirror, the flying bathroom seem bigger. To the right of the door to the cabin, the glass shower is placed in the cabin.

©Till Bartels

The great economic importance of a small group of customers, but a growing risk for companies. “With smaller Jets, the sale of the first courts to decide whether a single flight to perform a gain or a loss,” says Pontius. “The Airlines have become significantly more cautious and offer the product only on routes where you with a good and stable demand can be expected.” According to Lufthansa, is still on every third length, the First bookable route, other companies such as the Dutch KLM, have abolished the top-most class in a long time.

star exclusive Follow Me for New Airbus A380: a double bed above the clouds slumber By Till Bartels

“It is the question, where actually the sheikhs remained,” says the Hamburg-based aviation expert Cord Schellenberg with views of the large First-providers Emirates and Etihad from the United Arab Emirates. Wealthy clients fly away more and more often with own or rented aircraft over long distances. “This applies in all regions of the world, and also for Top celebrities, who were always an important target group of the First offering of the Airlines.” And for managers in the use of the First due to the appropriate travel policy is becoming more and more difficult. To fly In the first class of many companies is not just simply to expensive, but no longer seems to be also for image reasons, opportune.

Dies to the First Class?

the airline wants to at least hold on to their recent five Skytrax stars excellent flagship product, and refers to a growing workload in recent years. Expert Pontius believes in a Survival of the First in several niche markets. The music games, however, elsewhere: “The competition for quality will be held in the Business Class. That’s where the big investments are held by the product is individualized and the comfort is increased.”


The new Business Class on Qatar Airways: arrange In the Airbus A350-1000, the Central seats to small apartments with two or four seats.

©Marina Lystseva Picture-Alliance

“You have to be the First not big to cry, because today is good Business feel classes are almost the same,” said Schellenberg. Qatar was on the right with the flexible offer, two, or four Business seats together in small cabins. “Privacy is something that certainly people in Business Class are willing to pay.”

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