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Topless sunbathing on the beach or the lake, is accepted in our Latitudes, to a large extent. In contrast, however, the completely textile-free bathing, especially in the Catholic countries of the Mediterranean such as Italy and Spain. The free body culture, is held on designated courses and beaches.

In Germany is grown in the nudist culture historically: The first Association for free body culture in Germany was founded in 1898 in Essen, at the latest since the 1960s, nudity was in the public space as an expression of individual freedom. And even more than in West Germany, was living in the former GDR, where the General movement, was at least tolerated in these areas on a broad Front.

Europe’s largest motorhome rental McRent has compiled a list of campsites specifically for nudists to European holiday places, which we will introduce on the following page of the photo section.


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