Everyone watches TV as it is an important part of UK culture. From watching Late Night shows to the news and our favorite movies and series, television is deeply cemented into our daily lives.

Even as something simple as watching your favorite sports team for two hours is all made possible thanks to television. But the means of watching television dictates differently the quality of what we’re watching.

Having an excellent internet connection will give you the best watching experience when it comes to Netflix, HBO, or Hulu. And while streaming services are hugely popular in modern society, the antenna is still quite popular in millions of households throughout the world.

But interferences exist and they ruin our TV viewing experience. So, naturally, we needed to find a way on how to eliminate those interferences, Luckily for you, we have the article that tells you all about that.

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 ways to improve your TV reception. And these ways will be very simple and very easy to do. So don’t go anywhere as we’ll start right now.

1. Put the Antenna Higher

Source: Allconnect.com

It’s safe to say that elevating the antenna will give you much bigger chances to eliminate any ongoing interferences. Interferences can happen due to a multitude of reasons, with one of the most common ones being bad elevation.

If your antenna is placed somewhere where the signal has a hard time reaching, then why not increase the elevation?

This is a very simple thing to do and one that brings a successful outcome. 9 times out of 10, this will solve your problem completely.

2. Align Properly

Source: Denny’s Antenna Sales

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, increasing the elevation of your antenna won’t solve your problem in some cases. If so, then maybe you need to readjust the antenna and face it properly towards the nearest signal tower.

This is also a simple way to solve your issue, but one that will require you to manually align the antenna. If the antenna happened to be located on your roof, then you’d have to go up there and do it yourself.

We understand that many of you might be tempted to do such a thing, seeing as not everyone knows how to keep themselves safe on the roof. So, a good way to solve this issue would be to hire a pro and let them do it instead.

Many professional companies specialize in mounting and installing TV antennas. And many of these offer other services that fall within their line of work.

One service is antenna aligning. Simply get in touch with one of these services, such as mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk, and have them come over and accurately align the antenna towards the nearest broadcasting tower.

3. Do Some Repositioning

Aligning the antenna might solve one problem, but an entirely new one can appear from it. Namely, aligning it means changing the position. And changing the position could ruin what you had previously gone.

So, whenever aligning the antenna, make sure that everything is in order before the pros pack their stuff and get going. If there are still interferences, then simply ask them to do some repositioning of the antenna.

Maybe if you relocate it towards a completely new section of the roof it might work.

4. Reset the Digital Tuner

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Tuners are very important as they translate signals into a digital format that effectively translates onto the screen.

This tuner device can be found in a couple of places. The first to look is inside the television, as most new televisions have the tuner inside them. Another place to look for is on the external of the television, usually in the converter box.

But regardless of where it is, this tuner device is very important as we couldn’t watch television without it. The problem with the tuner arises when its cache memory is full.

The cache memory effectively stores channel information that the television uses to display imagery. And doing something such as purging the cache memory from your TV tuner is as simple as one, two, three.

All you have to do is simply disconnect the antenna’s cable, run a channel scan, and turn off your TV. Afterward, simply turn on the TV and plug the antenna inside it whilst doing another channel scan.

Completing these series of actions will successfully reset your tuner.

5. Keep the Antenna Safe Against the Elements

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What is the easiest way for your antenna to get damaged and subsequently ruin the quality of television? Well, we’re pretty sure rain, snow, hail, and storm have a few words to say about it.

Outside elements can easily erode, corrode, and damage any parts. The antenna, seeing as you’ll probably place it on the roof, is exposed to all of these elements.

And while the antenna is manufactured to be resistant to all forms of natural elements, it can still get damaged in the process. Parts such as screws and connectors are the ones that are responsible for this.

The exterior layers might be made out of quality and resistant material, but these parts aren’t and corrosion is very common. So, why not inspect the screws and connectors to make sure everything is in order?

You don’t want a loose antenna to be your problem, so the best thing to do is completely replace them if they are in need damaged and worn out.


There are many easy things to do to eliminate interferences and watch quality television. But with tons of external factors playing a huge role in the quality of television, any number of solutions could prove useless.

What you need is to determine the cause of interference to know what solution to use. In 99% of the cases, understanding the cause will be enough to eliminate it.

But in the 1% chance that the subsequent solution doesn’t help, use any of the other ones.