From our correspondent in London

The days of Theresa May in Downing Street are numbered. His fate should be sealed within three weeks. In the meantime, the first minister, worn out by his failure to implement the Brexit, but known for its legendary resilience, has still managed to win a small reprieve.

She went on Thursday to the call of the dreaded “committee 1922”, which brings together the chiefs of the conservative group in the House of commons. Those socalled “men in grey” have been waiting for it the announcement of a timetable for his departure. Before the summer, urged some of its members. After an hour and a half of talks “very frank”, she got to defer that decision at the beginning of June.

” OUR case – Brexit: London and Brussels at the time of the divorce

To save time, she decided to submit to Parliament its agreement to exit from the EU, already rejected three times since January. It should introduce the bill …

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