reviewer of the statutory health insurance companies have confirmed in the past year every fourth of patients presented treatment failure. This is evident from the current statistics of the Medical service (MDS), presented by the peak Association, the Confederation of health insurance funds. Therefore, approximately 3,500 observed treatment were among the more than 14,000 custom-made reports errors, of which around 2,800 health consequences.

Overall, the health insurance companies received in the past year, more patients ‘ complaints – and still receive only a small portion of the bandwidth of the doctors errors. “The number of unreported cases is high,” said the Deputy MDS-managing Director Stefan Gronemeyer. Studies assumed that each error that has been detected about 30 undetected cases would.

Many go directly to a lawyer

According to the Medical service two-thirds of the allegations related to inpatient care, mostly in hospitals, a third of the referred to doctor’s offices. In most cases, it went to possible errors in operations. Generally speaking, it was about the different diseases and treatments. They ranged from hip implant on tooth distances to the cesarean section-childbirth and appendicitis operations.

Gronemeyer criticized in the context of the reporting culture. Most importantly, it is about serious and avoidable harm cases, such as medication confusion, or to report in the body of forgotten foreign bodies after surgery. The only way to be avoid this “in the future, systematically,” said the Association’s expert. Many Insured persons with suspicion on an error to go directly to a lawyer and go to court.

there is no data collected, however, to set a statistics of the Federal chamber of physicians by the beginning of April. You registered in the past year, approximately 1,850 cases, with treatment failures or poor risk disclosure. Including about 1,500 cases in which this causes health consequences to the patient, it was found.


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