“A Date with Dirk” had all the goods on Sunday evening in the sold-out national theatre in Munich. Because Tocotronic-Star Dirk von Lowtzow (48) presented his first book “the badger” (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 192 pages, 16.99 euros) in the case of a reading, with musical elements.

The music came mainly from his 1993 together with Jan Müller (47) and Arne Zank (48) based rock band. However, because it was this time performed unplugged with acoustic guitar, had Songs like “Freiburg” or “To us the light sells a” not equal to soft and vulnerable. Which fit well to the reading, because the texts in the book are pretty personal.

A debut novel for the deceased friend

“The book I brought is a kind of a dictionary. And like any good encyclopedia it begins with the name of the greatest pop band of all time, ABBA,” said the author of the reverent listening audience prior to its first reading what it was about. “The next entry is called ‘Alexander’. Dedicated to a friend of mine who died in 1996. And as I was looking for the book now in preparation for the reading again, went through, and out, I noticed that I wrote the whole book just for him,” he revealed in the clear, but unobtrusive tone in which he carried through the entire evening.

“in 1996, dies Alexander at the age of 26 of a brain tumor. We were almost friends for 20 years. I get to know him first, reluctantly, he is the younger son of friends of my parents. My mother has to drag me to him, I am afraid of new acquaintances, and I am full of rejection. But when I see him, I immediately fell in love. He is like me, he is my mirror, but he has a cheerful, open-minded state of mind. There is hardly a people, he is not charmed in seconds”, the story begins a very special friendship…

Dirk von Lowtzow also self-ironic

In the further course of the in Offenburg, Baden, born to be an artist, too, about how he has recorded the events surrounding the band’s formation and early success of the mid-1990s in Hamburg: “I’m confused in the time often of the events overwhelmed. Everything that happens with the Band, I take much too seriously. In contrast to Alexander, I can’t laugh at me”, writes Dirk von Lowtzow.

However, with this book he proves the contrary, because not a few passages come from the intimacy and intensity of a spoken worded diary. Others read like those values and stories that you accumulate in the course of a lifetime, and then any new offers, the way to get to know to notice. Including quite self-ironic Chapter, such as the miserably failed attempt to be a Austrian acting school accepted, in spite of carefully selected Masturbation scene, Dirk von Lowtzow in “fire dough” describes doughnuts.

if you like Tocotronic, it is “the badger’s” love

The book is a gift for all those Fans of thinker and Poet Dirk von Lowtzow, who have always wished for a still deeper insight into his inner life, as many Tocotronic-grant Songs already. And the musical reading was a welcome change to the legendary performances of his Band, with “Electric Guitars”.

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