23. April is the world day of beer


there’s No question that beer is part of the German culture! And because German beer is also in the abroad popular, can you count the drink also to the world cultural heritage. Only buildings such as the Cologne Cathedral, the monastery of Maulbronn or the Holsten gate does not belong namely, since 2008, the Unesco created a list of the intangible cultural heritage. Currently, 399 of cultural expressions (December 2017), including the Argentine Tango, Chinese calligraphy, or the Mediterranean cuisine.

Germany is represented there only three Times, with the cooperative, the falconry and the organ. What is missing, however, is German beer. Even Belgian beer-Brewing craft was already in the Canon. As permeate needs to be remedied.

Seven reasons why German beer world cultural heritage must be: Oktoberfest facts 1400 toilets for five liters of beer per second Of Carsten Heidböhmer

1. In Germany, the Region with the highest brewery density in the world: More than 200 Breweries frolic in the government district of upper Franconia. The are have more Breweries than any state in Germany and most countries in Europe. This diversity is worth protecting.

2. Almost nowhere in the world the beer is as cheap as here. The international comparisons of prices of Beers resulted in 40 cities around the world.

3. After decades of Pils-mono-culture in Germany has woken up and has developed a dynamic Craft Beer scene. Clearly, the United States, we lag behind by decades, but as exciting as it is here, the scene is likely to be currently nowhere.

4. Beer is so ingrained in our culture that the drink has had a lasting influence on the language: If something is hopeless, we say: “hops and malt is lost.” If we don’t get rid of one thing, then we offer a little “like sour beer”. And someone does not feel responsible, he says: “This is not my beer.” An Englishman would not think of saying: “Not my Cup of Tea.”

5. German brewmaster, the beer culture fertilize all over the world. And the been around for centuries. So the first Pils comes from Bohemia, but because at that time the Pilsner beer had a bad reputation, it had to set up a Bavarian brewmaster named Josef Groll, and in 1842 the first Pils brew. The Craft Beer Boom in the USA and Canada are also a number of German brewmasters were involved, who brought also a lot of recipes of German Beers in the New world.

6. Beer has shaped over the decades, the political culture in this country. In the case of the Bavarian Minister President, the rule of thumb used to be: 0,1 per Mille of alcohol in the blood correspond to voices one percent of voters. The blessed Franz Josef Strauss came loose about 50 percent. Still, Chancellor Schröder made a point with the people close to that he was with the public consumption of beer. Stefan Raab made it even a Song (“Get me a bottle of beer”). Which brings us to the seventh point:

7. Beer has also influenced the songs in this country. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of songs that celebrate the enjoyment of beer. It is one of the songs that arose under the enjoyment of beer is endless.

of Course, there are other values to protect intangible cultural goods, such as bread and Skat. But beer is clear about it: You can drink it to Skat. And it is not to say that beer is liquid bread?

kitchens-self-test How do I brew the best beer in the world brewed

beer? In the kitchen? You can go to the well? We have ventured with a beer Brewing Set the self-test of the almost ended in a disaster.

Carsten Heidböhmer


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