In Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

In Moscow evacuated eight district courts due to anonymous message about the threat of explosions.

“Evacuation in Chertanovskaya, Shcherbinsky, Izmailovo, Transfiguration, Lefortovo, Zamoskvoretskaya courts”, reports TASS.

Earlier message about “mining” entered the Golovinskiy and Koptevsky district court.

it is Noted that of the buildings were removed 65 employees and 78 visitors.

a Wave of “mining” started in November 2019. Anonymous email letter with information about the bomb threats in the courts, schools, shopping malls, shops and universities in the capital and several other cities.

the FSB of Russia managed to block five foreign resources have been subject to numerous false reports. So, none of the previously identified threats have not been confirmed.

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